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Quietest; Bands Or Tubes?

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Well just got back from a few hours mooch with the catty and dog, didnt get anything this time, couldnt of been worse. First shot was at a drey because there was nothing about. Took a quick half draw shot and crack straight into my fork putting a big crack through the bamboo.. annoyed isnt the word lol.


Second shot was a woody 10 yards sitting low In a tree, quartering on to me with its breast and crop on show, perfect. Took the shot and the asda blue straight cuts (which im preferingto shoot now im getting used to them) gave abit of a crack and my hexnut hit it as it jinked from the crack of the bands staright in the top part of the wing absolutely gutted.


Third shot, was another woody sitting about 15 - 20 yards high in a tree. This is the furthest shot I've done so far on quarry as my consistency is coming on. Let off the hexnut, crack again the woody takes off just as my hexnut glides perfectly to where the pigeons head/neck would have been. Not that bothered about this one as I didnt hit it and know I would of dropped it if the bands werent so loud but why are they so loud? Is it just the blues or because thry are not tapered? My tapered theraband were really quiet.



Leads me onto my next question are tubes like 1745 black loud? Opinions please:)



Cheers fellas

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How you going to cook those cards mate?? Look tasty ;-)

Heres what bills catties can do, if i had a better clamp and slightly stronger bands both would have been cut, 3 hits on a card  

One of my reasons for now only using looped tubes, was the crack from flats.

Yeah I'm just going to two part expoxy it, will be fine and in the meantime just use as is as the crack closes with the pressure on the bands.


Will try 20mm straight cut blues with [BANNED TEXT]'s until the rotary cutter arrives, got a small poly hts on the way from pocket predator to carry while I'm at work so my wooden ones dont get scratched - lol - I think that has the option to put tubes on if i remember rightly so going to order a length of 1745, wheres best for 1745? Ebay?


Exactly what youcanthide said mate, only drawing halfway to piss about, eg. Bag thats blew in a tree, at a drey to see if anything pops out or firing a mouldy acorn at your dogs arse cos its ran off with your squirrel...

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No mate it was second hand from a bloke on another forum, the small hts should be fine, if you go onto the gallery bit at the bottom of the page there's a picture saying prototypes for sale, have a look on that pic and see if theres any you like. Cheap for the materials they are made from

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