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Weekend Out

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Went out this weekend and shamefully see 5 foxes but didn't get any . On the plus side found a new earth on a perm , lovely 4 holer in real soft ground , was holding but it slipped the net!! Be back their in a few weeks to have another bash , thanks for readingpost-96861-0-59126600-1421599315_thumb.jpg

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Perfect conditions, blizzards here. We had same problem. First place we seen Charlie in blizzard mousing on back on wood. Drove another mile going to try the most productive earth we do in years and Yep dog and vixen in blizzard conditions playing about in the snow chasing eachother. Tried pushing them in with no luck and every other place wasn't holding. Typical. Shame you missed that one pal it happens to us all keep at em.

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Cheers lads and yeah I noticed they unscrew themselves after a while , hopefully have a bit more luck this weekend coming , atb

Not the unscrewing to worry about mate,if damp gets in thats game over as the connection relies on the battery touching that copper piece in the body of it .Damp shorts it out ,tape water proofs it in theory but tape well.I still use one of these on occasion .

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