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Video Of Our Mink And Dogs Killing Over 20 Rats

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We went rat hunting for my birthday on Saturday. Here are some pictures of the hunt! Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the page to see the video of our hunt!


Here are the two terriers that participated in the hunt. The black on on the left is a pure patterdale terrier, and the brownish black dog on the right is half game bred pit bull, half patterdale terrier.


Here is my wife Maggie with my buddy Cade's minkenry dog Carl. He is 1/2 boarder collie, 1/4 catahoula leopard hound, 1/4 pharaoh hound. Cade uses him to hunt rats and rabbits along side his mink. and raccoons and wild cats by himself. This dog is almost a year old, and actually killed his first coon just a week ago. He got a 22.5 lb (10.2 kg) boar coon!


Here are the three dogs waiting for rats to come popping out.


Here we are after the hunt. From left to right is Alex Smith holding my Albino mink Ma'ska, Cade Pocock with his Mahogany doe mink Mhera and his minkenry dog Carl, my beautiful wife Maggie Carter, Joseph Carter (me), and Justin Crowley. Unfortunately our friends Jake Barrowes and Martin Cisar with his terriers, had already left before we could get a picture with them.

Here's the video of our mink and dogs hunting rats on Saturday.


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no you did ya best but not very good filming would be brill with expert behind camara well trained mink themare you guys aware of a fatal disese called lepiospirosis /?

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that was a great watch i really enjoyed it.Brought back many many great memories of rat hunting with ferrets in my younger days.Those mink are some bits of kit and you have them trained to a very high standard well done. exciting stuff. thank you

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Good write up really like the mink would love a couple of them be

good to hear about some write up on the terriers digs nice terriers them

keep the post coming cheers

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Cracking vid of the mink hunting the rats.notice how quick they kill the rats and when they find a rat they wag there tails.as a youg un had a Jill ferret that did the same when ratting in shit heaps on the allotments.

Brave man picking them up alive.wouldent be me.

Look forward to watching more.

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