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  1. Lads ive made my own spun poly 25yard long net from spun poly i got on the web a while back.I now need to get a spool of running line to finish it and a contact for other spun poly.Now before you all start shouting from the rooftops about Agouti let me tell you ,i have left about a dozen emails for this guy and not once have i ever got a reply (the last one was this morning).There is no phone number on his sight i have no idea how he is still running his business as when you click on anything its out of stock!.To be brutally honest i wouldn't even give him my business now and i would happily pay extra to some one else for the same products.Any help would be appreciated.
  2. that was a great watch i really enjoyed it.Brought back many many great memories of rat hunting with ferrets in my younger days.Those mink are some bits of kit and you have them trained to a very high standard well done. exciting stuff. thank you
  3. You had your work cut out for you there mate with the hedges. A lot of my ferreting is in the same situations and it can be frustrating setting the nets in the middle of hedges.It can be a nightmare too when the rabbits hit them but roots and branches stop the nets from pursing properly and you get them escaping. Fair play,enjoyed the photos
  4. Mate i feel your pain , i have had a few run ins with wasps in similar circumstances over the years. One particular trip that is forever etched in my mind was on the Cave hill on the outskirts of Belfast just above Belfast Zoo.Me and two mates were ferreting on a steep bank on the edge of a very big drop when one of them went to net a hole and he was attacked by wasps. They were all over him in seconds and he just legged it down the bank screaming and ripping his clothing off, i of course did the only decent thing a mate would, and i scrambled up the bank the opposite way from him and so did my other mate. People driving up into the Zoo car park were having to swerve their cars out of his way as he sprinted past them in fook all but his trunks and socks trying to pull his own hair out! Not really a sight your expecting to see at the Zoo with the kids, and at one point i thought he was heading into the Zoo to throw himself into the Lions or Tigers. Me and my other mate were watching the naked antics of our friend safely from our hill top sanctuary as he yanked open some ones car door and jumped into their car only to find that the guy and his wife jumped out leaving my mate in their car. Other people in the cars behind had stopped and eventually they got him out of the car and were rubbing him down with car blankets and coats and stuff to get the wasps off. We were all around 14-15 years old at the time and even the sight of an Ambulance turning up to take Umpa away (that was his nic-name) couldn't stop us rolling around that hill crying with laughter. We watched Umpa get loaded into the Ambulance,decided it was too risky to retrieve the two or three nets that were laid near the wasps nest and headed up the hill to ferret some easier burrows. Had a decent enough day for 14 year olds with now only a total of 11 nets in our arsenal and 1 ferret and we got three rabbits. There was no mobile phones in them days so we walked the few miles home bypassing Umpa's street in case he was dead and we had to answer awkward questions from his mum.But i needn't have worried his mum had phoned my mum from the hospital to see if me and my mate had got home safe as Umpa was worried about us still up that hill .He got out later that night and called down the next day to see me.When he called he was a mess and i couldn't move off the settee as i had wrecked my stomach muscles with all the laughing from the previous day.That was around 27 years ago and we are still mates although he knocked the hunting on the head after that but we still have a laugh about that day when we meet up.
  5. Really enjoyed this fair and i thought it was a very laid back atmosphere the whole day. I think what made it for me was that once the ferret and whippet show was out of the way early on, i could actually take the time to go round it with the family and some friends which never seems to happen at other times.We had an Archery competition and Air rifle competition among us all as we travelled around the various attractions which was a great bit of craic. Darren Moore found out he needs to go to specsavers but he won the worlds fussiest eater competition on the day because an onion had touched his burger at some stage which freaked him out so i got his too. lol. Now i know to bring a small piece of onion with me on future hunting trips to rub on his packed lunch. Met up with a lot of the familiar faces of the dog world and the weather was kind, which added to a very pleasurable day out for the family ferrets and dogs.This fair was a thumbs up from me and a credit to all concerned in bringing it together.Well done
  6. Thanks Dannyboi, and Deidre. the big fella has done me proud all season both in the field and at the shows. He is still a young dog so i know there is more to come from him. He has been a pleasure to own from day one, and as well as the success he has had so far he is first and foremost a much loved member of the family. No secret regarding his coat Dannyboi other than good food,and plenty of excercise and of course a rub down with my magic shammy before a show
  7. Margaret as usual a super write up, and although you give credit to everybody else in your write ups i would also like to say that i always enjoy a days banter with yourself and John. These venues are a great day out but the people like yourself and the big man make them a day to remember no matter what the results are. Enjoyed meeting up with the usual suspects and meeting some new people and of course enjoyed the wins i had with my own dogs. The ferrets were a great laugh for spectators and competitors alike and both myself and Darren really enjoyed running it again this year. We had made a few changes that seemed to go down well and we got prizes that anyone would be proud to have.Ferrets are regarded by many as smelly vicious little animals that want to bite everything in sight so its good to show the public the true ferret .I rate a good ferret as highly as a good dog and its great to see these valiant wee battlers get a bit more recognition and bring smiles to peoples faces.Who knows ,we may get you to race one or show one next year
  8. Thanks Robert, we still need to sort a night out with the lamp when the hunting season starts again ,i wanted him to have a full season behind him before we went out, so your dogs wouldn't make him look foolish or average mate thanks again for the comment
  9. Kieran, looking forward to the two days mate,and i know there is no better man to organize a fair day for all to race or show and make it two days to remember.You know the drill by now with people having a rant about this or that, and as you know you can't please them all so i commend you for trying. lol I used to think a lot like Leeview but ive come to realise people keep dogs for very very different reasons. My dogs first and foremost are for working as you know but i enjoy the racing and showing throughout the summer. Others have no interest in hunting and only want to show or race but if that their thing then so be it i might not agree with them entering their show ponies in the working class but i see it for what it is a bit of craic. And at the end of the day who are they actually fooling with the show ponies or purpose bred racers? Keep dogs for what you want them for and don't worry about what others keep theirs for See you tomorrow mate for the launch
  10. Had a very enjoyable day just me and my missus and a couple of our whippets at Florencecourt yesterday(no kids with us yeah ), the weather held out most of the day and it got really warm towards the end of the afternoon. The whole event was well organised and went like clockwork and I was especially impressed how well and smoothly the racing went. Got a few wins in the showing and racing with both dogs and got a smashing jacket to add to Bolt's collection. Biggest thrill of the day.....wee Barney winning his heat to go up against Bolt in the final. I think on the way home I was actually sleeping with my eyes open I was that tired but it was a great day out and everyone involved made both Nicky and myself very welcome.
  11. Wow, that's unusual alright I have never seen a ferret that colour before, i think he looks good.
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