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Good Afternoon From Staffordshire

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Good afternoon all,


My name is Joe, I encountered this excellent website as I was searching for tips on hunting rabbits as they have became a real pest round my village and local area. I thought it would be a good idea to gain more knowledge on all aspects on hunting and there's no better place to do that than here on "Hunting Life" . I live in the heart of the countryside and my nearest neighbours are separated by acres of open fields and woodland ( which I do have permission for) and its getting to the point where there's more rabbit than grass! There are also crows, pigeon's and ducks. So after sorting out where the rabbits are going after I have shot them ( local residents want to eat them ) I decided I needed to dive deeper in to the subject of hunting. I know all the basics and own a couple shotguns and three pcp air rifles which I will go in to detail in at a later post. I also own ferrets and have good knowledge on ferreting. My family all are of a hunting background and after getting my licences I am now taking great interest in hunting. I hope I can help some fellow hunters with my knowledge and some can help me with there's in witch could be a very interesting experience.




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Welcome I'm ste in derby would love to help you with the rabbit's if your looking to learn more I could show you a few dogs that take rabbits maybe get out one night for a lamp I allso have ferrets an nets an my dogs are good for the ones that slip the net air rifle what ever your interest I'd love to get out your not that far from me I have a car an I pay my way.so ever fancy it message me cheers

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