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Just make sure she doesnt swallow or your have another claim at the insurance company and your premuin will go up

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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:8DAC608D-C30A-427E-B6CF-9058365A187B_zps

What she done to front of leg looks like she's been shaved and had a drip in?
thats because she probably has, read his other topic she swallowed a fish hook :thumbs:

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Northenlite my premiums could double and I would keep the insurance going pal.


Jimmy she had major surgery Saturday to remove a fishing hook and line from her stomach and intestines. She's bouncing back now though.


Mooney she is fast as fook mate. I said she was fast at about 8 months when she was overtaking my other lurcher. She's 12 months now and rapid. I know speed isn't everything in a lurcher but I've always liked a fast dog which is why I went for her. Both her parents were quick dogs. Sire was deer/grey x collie/grey and dam was deer/grey x whippet. She is 24" tts and 12 months old next week.

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