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  1. jimmy1982

    Lung Worm

    Dogs are already on them fella had them on since pups. But one of the pups i bought was kept down on a lads plot down his allotment. So the risk is high. Just that when I'm out on my bike late afternoon doing some road work the dog has no energy which I'm other pup could go all day she pulling infront of the bike and hes lagging behind. Might just be a lazy c**t till hes behind sumat lol
  2. jimmy1982

    Lung Worm

    How can you tell if your dogs got lung worm can you take it to the vets and have a test done.
  3. jimmy1982

    We Go Everywhere Together...

    Glad shes on the mend for you gaz pal
  4. jimmy1982


    We'll need abit of ran to soften the ground we've had plenty of Sun and way the crops are shooting up the land owners will be pulling them in early.
  5. jimmy1982


    Why do lads say can't wait for stubbles the ground will still be hard when the crops are first cut which will be end of next month.
  6. jimmy1982

    We Go Everywhere Together...

    What she done to front of leg looks like she's been shaved and had a drip in?
  7. jimmy1982

    We Go Everywhere Together...

    Good for when you got no shit roll Gaz lol.
  8. jimmy1982

    Our Team For Coming Season..

    Some good stock there sailor lad good look for this coming season
  9. jimmy1982

    Good First Catch

    Well done pal thats it now dogs had the taste for it so it should be happy days least you know now that the dog will use its mouth. A cant do with dogs that just keep driving um and not striking when they can. Get the job done quick and onto the next seasons arnt long enought to fuxk about lol
  10. jimmy1982

    Biking Dogs! What Speed / Distance ?

    Only you can tell how fit your dogs are so just take it nice and steady. With me its just about steady walking them at the side of the bike but some distance. Then a few bursts picking up there paces in between when letting them free run on some soft ground.
  11. jimmy1982

    Sir Marcus P

    Well lads the sun is shining the weather is sweet and am off to f***ing work up on them roofs get mi self a tan today. Doing a reroof and hopefully back for 2 o'clock we only do nursery hours not in that all day 9 to 5 lol. So will take dogs down local pounds for a dip after and might do a bit of skinny dipping mi self to cool down.
  12. jimmy1982

    Sir Marcus P

    Old school more like iceman lol. These pups will be 12 months in December, and thats when they will see work pal. So five months of decent exercise on bike I wont put any pics up untill then and you see how fit these pups will be inside and out cut upto to f**k not one oz of fat.
  13. jimmy1982

    Sir Marcus P

    So where does it say a pups a pup untill 18 montha of age iceman just curious pal. Ive got a dvd here kipper & friends which is preban from the 90s. Travilling boy on there with a young bitch seven months of age doing the job only a little bitch. Lads offer to buy the bitch for a grand but youngen wants 2 lol. So this about running or exercising a dog at a young age can f**k it ups a load of shit. Some lads are just set in there own ways and pass it on by numptys reading or word of mouth do your own thing and dont listen to no other f****r.
  14. jimmy1982

    Sir Marcus P

    Thats what am saying louth some lads call um pups at 18 moon mush which is bullshit.I looked it up earlier to see at what age a wolf pup would run with the pack and it says up to 24 weeks of age they just mess around the den play fighting and learn how to hunt on small prey. And at seven to eight months they leave the den and start hunting with the pack running the prey down. not having a pop at you but wolves lope not run . absolutely no strain or stress on any joints or lungs .google it .its very interesting Av read up on them brookie pal cheers anyway
  15. jimmy1982

    Sir Marcus P

    Tintin some lads on here think they know it all do this dont do that. A bet half of um have never be on a pushirion or gone running out with the dogs. Am out on the bike every evening now its coming upto the season. And started them running with me because I would dred i couldnt see my nob past my belly like half the fools on here.