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Useless Hob Lol

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Iv got a hob here, he works well and I tried putting him to his mother 7 weeks ago, I then used him on mates Jill afterwards, both have since went over there due date and no Kitts here, I think mates Jill just come out season whereas my Jill had a phantom. Anyways I've just stuck him in with his sister this morn and the soft fooker is humping mid air behind her lol I really wanted Kitts off him and his mum and maybe a sister or 2, but I'm begging g to doubt he will ever suss it out lol



Anybody else ever had a useless hob that couldn't seal the deal or you's think he will find it in end lol I hope so or I need a new hob lol

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When I put my vas`d hob in with mine it took him a few days to work it out. He was trying to stuff it anywhere but the right place, Minging soggy patches on the jills backs..

He`s worked it out now though. How long are you keeping them together, maybe hes not catching them properly before you move him out? Or maybe hes just a jaffa.. No seeds..

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iv only been leaving him fir 24 hours with then separating him, he don't seem to be damaging the Jill round the neck or that and he is constantly trying, I'll leave him with her for couple more days, see what happens




i don't think the bro sis mating will have probs or the mum son mating, none of the parents were related so inbreeding for 1 generation is hardly gonna give me mutants lol inbreeding is more popular than most think, most dogs will have it in pedigree at some point as will lots if not most or all other stock

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