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7/8S Bitch Or Similar

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im looking to get my hands on a bitch 7/8s or similar round 9 to 13mnths old good round kids and other dogs handy money if possible any help greatly appreciated the misus has it in her head to start racing so i said ill try help her get 1 thanxs lad s

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I've been watching a lot of flapper racing meself lately.and it seems the 7/8ts hound 1/8t whippet seems to be the dog of choice for the job if your misses is serious and wants to be competative at the flapper racing I'd say anything less than 7/8ts And she be wasting her time. Head to any of the shows that has flapper racing at them and you should pick one up.or some one should be able to help you out. There seems to be a lot of this type of dog about. Good luck

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I like the sound of the 2nd x bull 2nd x wheaten could make a handy dog. as for the 3/4 it could go either way in terms of flapping, he'll either be fast enough or he wont but that will all have to be seen. he could also be a good working dog, that will have to be seen to. the joys of working dogs.

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ye mate i bought to of them in the same week nice looking dogs but we will see when the time comes how they will do cant put pics up for some reason but im happy with them so far bought one from lads from the north seem outsrtaight with what they have so only time will tell

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