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Time For You All To Have A Think About Things

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Hi Taffy, if your still after a half cross to use I've got what is allegedly a half cross hob atleast that's what I was told by the guy who bred him when he gifted me this hob and two of his sisters, whilst I can't guarantee what percentage of eu he is I can tell you that his summer coat is all black with a white patch on his chin and his winter coat is that of a dark polecat, I didn't reply to your original post as I thought id be to far away to be of any use and somebody closer would offer. Your Jill would have to come to me if you want to use him since he's one of my best workers I'm not prepared to let him go elsewhere. I've never bred off him before so he's unproven but the offers there if you want it and I'm not interested in taking anything in return

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I agree with some of what you say, but no one has to help anybody pal. for a start people are a lot more wary online. dog and ferret thefts seem to be on the rise. lets face it how do people know you

Whats with this so called eu x. Me personally I don't see the point why would people want to breed in the bad traits from the eu polecat. When people spend generations of breeding out bad traits to ge

Dozens of 100% genuine European Polecats on the Facebook, in fact every one on there it would appear, and I believe Preloved has some only £85 each.

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