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3 Of The Usual And A 1St For Me

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ive been topping up the squirrel feeder for a week now with sunflower seeds and they've been empty the next day each time so I went out after them this morning. set off at half 6 and on the way to the wood I took a u turn and went for a gander at a lodge where there is usually a few ducks. and sure enough as I got there I saw a pair of mallards swimming about so I got comfortable and waited for them to come closer. 5 minutes later and the drake offered me a chance and I took it. my 1st duck ever :thumbs:




back to the plan in action, as I was topping up the feeder I scared two squirrels away but I knew ide get more opportunities so I sat down in my hide. about half an hour later a squirrel jumped on my hide and was about 4 foot in front of me but I couldn't get a shot but it didnt see me and it stayed near by. a few minutes passed and it came creeping down a tree only 12 yard in front of me and sat on a branch in front of me. the shot was obscured by twigs but I managed to dodge them and claimed squirrel number 1. the second squirrel was taken on the exact same branch as the 1st. shortly after that I saw another a fair distance away, a lot further than I usually shoot at but I was feeling confident and tried and.............................. failed miserably haha :icon_redface:









on the way back I saw two more squirrels in the distance. so I crept closer and one ran away but the other one wasn't as smart. and I claimed my 3rd squirrel for the day :thumbs:




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Nice one mate, I bagged a squirrel and a woody today aswell.


need to build myself a hide and get a feeder set up going, there too hard to shoot on my permission as soon as you move there gone!


cheers pal. ye get yourself a feeder up and a hide and you'll get loads of sport :thumbs:

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I didn' realise they like sunflower seeds. I've been using peanuts mixed with corn flakes and since we're getting close to Christmas, I've added some hazelnuts. They stay quite still when they break them open, which I find quite helpfull. I'll add some sunflower seeds next time.

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