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Edwards' Coyote Catches 2013 & 21014

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sadly for you son, i won't be sick of that bitch for a while..lol…i roaded last night, and what with my arm being completely out of commission, its there first proper roading session,…done some foot walking, but obviously that aint shit compared to truck work,…i took them seven miles, and ANIKA never even had her mouth open!..lol…you would think with all the extra strides she has to make to keep up, she would be blowing harder!..lol…we will be up soon mate

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Dan's bitch "Flirt" yesterday You got something there when a Stag can handle one by its self, never mind a female.


Thanks Stunt.   I seen two very cool catches last night for coyotes 77 and 78 for this winter. First one was a female and she was very fast. She tried to straight line and then she ran around a hi

Always good to read how your getting on Dan. Love the photos.


Do you treat your dogs often for bites? Or do they manage to stay away from the sharp end?


They get bit I guess ya. Not always but I mean sometimes its just gonna happen. No I have never treated one for a bite per say. Don't see no need to cuz I've never had an issue. I have maybe wiped them down with some 7% Iodine or some hot soapy water if we've had a long weekend on them ya know.

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