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Scope For 223?

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I had my 223 for a few weeks now, it came with a 3 9 40 hawke scope, question is I need a cheap higher mag scope, just to get me by untill I can afford a really good one, what do you think? richter scopes are cheap but will they hold zero?

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I don't have much faith in "cheaper" scopes due to bad past experiences. However, I have a Hawke 30SF Eclipse 4-16x50 on my .223 and I love it. Never had to re zero in after the hundreds of rounds I've put through it and it's quite a clear scope too.

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Used to have a Hawke 4-16x50 on my 223, never lost its zero and performed ok. If you want my opinion you cant beat a Hawke for the money you pay new. Otherwise look around for a 2nd hand scope, a lot have lifetime garentee's, worth a look. Cheers Mick.

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you carnt fault the varmint sf theres one going cheap on the rapid7 forum 6x24x44ao 40quid I think very clear and good optics for the money if your interested il pm him on the forum and get his number for you if you go on the forum its archie11

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Slipper buddy save your money i have a hawke reflex 3x9x50 on my 223, i never shoot it on higher mag than x5 apart from when zeroing, i have had bad expirances with expensive scopes getting broken, saying that i have just spent £1100 on a new N750 for this rifle so fingers crossed it lasts long than the 2 weeks my kharles managed.

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Hawkes are good, but at the top end of teh mag scale, they are piss poor. I have two and love them but NEVER use them about 2/3 of the highest mag setting.



Don`t waste mobey on anther, just save for the best you can get. 9 is plenty for most things apart from target work.


Best scopes I have used have all been fixed mag, 7 or 8 x mag

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good advice there thanks very much, just got some cash on the hip was tempted to get the mtc viper 8x32x60, sure would have a scope full of fox, but listening to your advice something like the leupold vxr 3x9x50 with the firedot ret would be ok, all it is, is that i would like to get the best out of the rifle, and the odd wary fox that just sits there at 200-250 yards i thought i would need a high mag scope?

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