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Rifle Restoration Projects

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After a recent show of homedone restoration projects i thought they all should be put together in one thread.
Some of the links below will show you what can be acheived with a bit of TLC, paitence and 120 grit.
Everybodys welcome to put up a thread and if you can be as informative as possible in regards to the methods, products ,suppliers, prices etc.

Some class work and big respect lads :thumbs:












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Im currently doing an hw35Export so will post it here once finished :)






Make sure you get some good photos because ill be starting one in a few weeks so ill be able to follow your guide :thumbs:

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Just ordered this beauty! .. no more hand polishing those cylinders for me!!



Handy bit of kit Adam.



yeah im starting to become obsessed with this restoration thing..


and it will come in handy i can finally grind down the overlap on my adjustable but pads :whistling::laugh:

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Come on lads. Get the spanners out and the wire wool and show us what you can do.


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Just got a 95k first project!!!

Let us know how you get on with it mate

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so my 95 fell through and got a Diana\milbro G80 for postage off Johnie Bravo....


absolute peach I am having major trouble loading pictures on here :( am well happy!!


sorted out a bit of trigger wobble with a washer, sanded down and oiled the stock.. it does need reblueing!!


full internal overhaul, spring was fine but everything got a good deburr and regreasing (was like glue inside) added a plastic spring sleve to reduce noise (its fricking quiet anyway)and now am getting standing 20p groups and 30yrds with HTT power copper coated and 10p groups with jsb's and bisley magnums (well surprised with the magnums)


too say I am addicted is an understatement.. a few days work (is it work if your enjoying it this much????) and a rifle that cocked like a crisp packet with 3" groups at 30 yards is now hitting the kill zone with very little effort or noise.. not as powerful or accurate as my 77 but this rifle will have its place, its light.. short and accurate.. what more could you want!!


if someone could help me regards to the pictures I would appreciate it!!


Atb (a very happy indeed) Ade

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You can email them to me later mate and I will put them up for you if you don't get it sorted.

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