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signs internal bleeding

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Hi I am a female, first time on and need some advice. I have a lurcher who was out the other night and ran into something-not sure what but i heard the band and whimper- the dog came back a little shook up. When I got him home noticed a 1 inch skin tear under his left arm pit, he has had worse tears than this before but this occasion hes has been laid now for 3 days showing no interest in getting out of his bed. When I get him outside for a wee he is in a bit of discomfot I was thinking this could be due to the wound pulling especially due to the area. Any advice as I am concerned that the impact could have cause more damage. He is on pain killers and metacam so dont know if this could be making him a bit out of it.

Thank you

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As above take the dog to the vets asap.



Symptoms of internal bleeding will vary as to the site an extent and in truth is really to complicated for a working dog forum, any suspicion needs to go to the vet so asap.


A few examples that could follow trauma to the chest/shoulder could be


Bleeding into a lung, which may present as, coughing, increased respiratory and heart rate and can lead to death.


Bleeding into a muscle, swelling, pain, reduced movement and can need surgical intervention.


Bleeding into the internal cavity through ruptured blood vessels with the aorta being very likely to lead to a quick death..


There are other internal bleeds such as into the gastro intestinal tract, black or bloody stools, weight loss etc.


So symptoms can be localised as above or involve the whole body, ie pale gums, lethargy etc which ever it is it will need urgent vets intervention.



Ps I'm not sure what being female has to do with anything!

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