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  1. Dog fine, few stitches and soft tissue damage. Sandymere- being a female has nothing to do with the issue, it has to do with first time posted and so people dont assume Im a male.
  2. Hi I have been registered on the site for a little while and thought it was about time I introduce myself. I am a female from Durham interested in lurcher racing and day mooching. I have posted a question in dogs health regarding internal bleeding if anyone can help. Hi to all
  3. Hi I am a female, first time on and need some advice. I have a lurcher who was out the other night and ran into something-not sure what but i heard the band and whimper- the dog came back a little shook up. When I got him home noticed a 1 inch skin tear under his left arm pit, he has had worse tears than this before but this occasion hes has been laid now for 3 days showing no interest in getting out of his bed. When I get him outside for a wee he is in a bit of discomfot I was thinking this could be due to the wound pulling especially due to the area. Any advice as I am concerned that the im
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