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Green Mutes?

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Ok ?

Right then, my Female Harris leaves me a Green Mute sometimes.

Not all the time, but say every other day I find one or two on the floor!

Ive read a bit about Green mutes not being good!

I know I dont feed her anything with lead in it, so that rules out Lead poisoning I hope!

post-49262-0-41692700-1351453517_thumb.jpgpost-49262-0-41692700-1351453517_thumb.jpgCan you please take a look at the pic and see what you think.

Is this a normal sight?


I was told it could be the ox heart she haqs sometimes with her chicks.


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Cheers for that!

Mind at rest!

You know what its like being new to the game, you worry about the slightest thing, lol.

Reading 'the modern aprentice' I got worried big time, lol.

Cheers again.

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I'm just now bringing my rth down from the molt, and he's doing the same thing. It's startling at first, for sure, when you see a big old green mute first thing in the morning.

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