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  1. Reading a few good points here guys! All work for some of us, some work for all of us! My Jessie (FHH) is freelofted, and I feed her both on the glove and just by putting her food on her feeding post! I usualy get her to have at least about two or three full DOC's off the glove each day, and she does that quite willingly. She sometimes decides enough is enough after the first one though depending on her mood, lol. I leave the rest on her post for whenever. Probably doing wrong I spos!
  2. Well done that girl! And well done to you for helping her, lol. As they say, its the start of big things now dude, lol
  3. nearly like that! Often you see people offering breeding pairs of birds at only just over the price they are looking for for a single female. Its gone the same way with Lurchers as well mind I think! Too many being criss crossed with whatever, and then just not enough GOOD homes for them to go to, so the pups are sold for pennies and end up having a hell of a life with someone who dont uderstand the first thing about their needs!
  4. Now there is a good post to start with! There are quite a few handlers on here from up there, so I hope you have luck in finding someone. Exactly where are you from Mark? Now is probably the best time to see the birds in all their glory I recon.
  5. The answer I recon with the majority of wanna be bird owners is that they just dont think full stop.
  6. Now you take a naught off the end. And less!
  7. Sounds ok when you read it like that, lol. Kestrel? Their Kestrel is smaller than ours as well aint it, lol. Must have loads of mice around!
  8. I was assured by the guy who has the Harris', that it wasnt intentional, but then again, he does talk money a lot during conversations about his birds.
  9. Tell you the truth, Ive wondered why it hasnt been brought it! Its working a treat over in the US! Ime not quite shure Ime fully impressed wth the fact that they capture their wild BOP for their sport though. But there again, I imagine it would be nature that decides on the number of BOP thats bred then. Am I right in thinking that the americans let their birds back into the wild after use? Would a BOP be able to cope after captivity? I spos it would!
  10. Now that makes so much sense MrG sir! Its as true as true! As I said in the other topic, there are people out there that just see pennies when they see BOP! Same as everything these days. But Ime getting to the fact that the young will suffer in the weather and if the parents will be able to look after it well enough!
  11. I had a phone call the other night, from one of the boys! It apears that one of the local guys who breeds Barn Owls, has had a couple of pairs of Harris Hawks for a while, and have been having a bit of bad luck with eggs being smashed by the parents. Not unusual I recon, as too much activity goes on around the birds enclosures! Well! he had been noticing that this one pair has been going through the motions of mating and trying to find nesting materials, etc. He had phone the boy who rang me to give him a hand and clean the enclosures out, and when he went in, he noticed that the male was
  12. A few good replies there thanks! Ive noticed that Harris Hawks are in Vogue with the youngsters lately, as they are easy to get hold of from quick buc making breeders, that will sell to anyone. They end up being swapped like any other unwanted item after they realise what they left themselves in for, with no consideration for the birds welfare. It might look cool standing at the corner of the road with your gang looking on, but we all know from what happened with that small boy in a playground recently, when someone classes himself as a Falconer, just cause he has a bird on his arm a
  13. Right! You can slam me down for this if you like, but I have been reading post by everyone in reply to questions that Newbies to the BOP world ask. Especialy when a Newbie asks the best place to start. A lot of people just say GET A MENTOR! In theory its a great answer I recon. But it is so easy for someone to say to a newbie he will Mentor them, but know little themselves, ending up giving bad advice! The saying, All the Gear and no Idea, comes to mind. A Newbie could be led to think that the guy down the road with the two HH's in his garage, that walks through the village every eve
  14. Sounds ideal for you! As has been said, take the bird to the woodland with you, what better time to get to know the bird. Sounds like heaven to me, lol. At least all your interests seem to be able to co-exist together from what I am reading. Probably complimenting each other. Go for it I recon. Loads on here wuld love to be in your shoes.
  15. that makes sense! cheers.
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