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Latest knife taking shape

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Well finally finished the knife and Im rather pleased with the outcome. What started out as an old saw blade has been recycled into something completely new and individual From this   To this

Thanks matt too late on the filling already done but I used a black epoxy putty thought it would be easier to handle being as Im a beginner . As for scales I was gonna use some ivory linen micarta bu

its your sunday best knife !! you need to be very proud of it , it is superb !!

ocd i like that , i like it mate take your time on this one it could be a show stopper , gret shape you should draw round it keep it as a stencil , i might be able to get you some laser cut one day . even if not you can refine it over the years and it will be your own knife to your design .


the file work looks great to well done .

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Matt is that one of your blanks ??? Looks good ....

no mate its aby-b's design that one !

got a good look to it i reckon .


as for handle material .................... got a modern look with a clasic line , brass bolsters and pummel with a ivory alternative micarta in the midle , would look realy classy maybe a 1mm brass liner to bring out the file work and contrast the filler ?

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Yes its a good type blade, and as Midnight says, Ivory linnen micarta would set it off great. A bit like this

Like the look of that Gin. What is the micarta like to work with ie. cutting and sanding/finishing?
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