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  1. freddybamboo

    Stoeger X20S Synthetic Combo .22 near Glasgow

    If it falls through I'd be interested.
  2. freddybamboo

    Berry Identification

    Thanks for the replies lads. I only had an ilustration of oregon grape. The leaves etc certainly match.
  3. Hello, I was out with work yesterday just in the North of Glasgow and found these berries beside some raspberries. I am struggling to ID them, and wondered if anyone knows what they are. They are slightly smaller than a pea. Hope you can help
  4. freddybamboo

    Latest knife taking shape

    would love to see this when its finished. Really balanced look to it.
  5. freddybamboo


    Still looking if anyone has anything similar.
  6. As above, looking for a good condition HW97K with scope etc. Im in Glasgow so either posted or within 100 miles for F2F. Pics appreciated. PM me if you have anything similar
  7. Hi Looking to get started and wondering if anyone near Glasgow or South Lanarkshire is selling any of their rifles. As I say, just starting out so would need a wee try of the gun to make sure it suits me etc. PM me if you have any you are selling.
  8. freddybamboo

    kelvin valley

    does anyone have pics of previous years??
  9. freddybamboo

    brass neck

    They are too bold up my way, golfers and old dears feeding them constantly. There was a wee tame one that used to hang around the 17th and 18th at the Golfy and would get pieces from the golfers. Then some wee a'holes put a club through its heid. I dont go for foxes but would rather it had been taken by a dog than a wee jakey with a 6 iron. Saw one in my maws kitchen as well, sneaky wee bam.
  10. freddybamboo

    kelvin valley

    you jstu enter your dogs on the day mate. Thanks Mate, Looking forward to it Brian
  11. freddybamboo

    kelvin valley

    how would I go about registering for the pairs (if there is any?!) Cheers Brian
  12. Does this 3litre engine suffer from the same conrod problems as the 2.5tdi? Aint heard of a 3litre Hardbody before, aybe an import? Tailgate says its a 3.0 16v TD.
  13. freddybamboo

    Isuzu Rodeo

    Is it the Isuzu you had Kye? Pretty impressive
  14. freddybamboo

    cheap insurance...

    farmers union maybe?
  15. freddybamboo

    Isuzu Rodeo

    Cheers Lads The owner of the Rodeo said he had it for a year, and that he has serviced it himself since 55k so will need to dig into that a bit more and find out if it has actually done 41k in a year. It is an auto.