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I was up this morning at 4am and on the ground at 4.30am . I headed for a strip of woodland which is thick with nettles and hawthorns hopeful of a roe buck. Anyway as I stalked around some gorse a fox suddenly appeared not 5 yards from my position walking away from me , but as quick as it appeared it disappeared so I continued stalking hopeful of out witting reynard.


I worked my way along the hawthorn covered bank looking for charlie but no sign , as I paused just watching and waiting I couldnt believe my luck when this buck strolled out of the bushes and trotted in my direction .............I gave him a shout and stopped him at 104 paces .





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Guest Frank

:good: Its nice when luck walks into your life. :D

Nice buck. :drink:



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Guest remmy

nice one foxy, i had two last weekend mate, cant get em up on here sick of trying rgds remmy. :clapper:

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whose the daddy foxy ????


keep it up mate....


when you coming back up for another venny steak & chips ??? ...& maybe a :drink:





keep it up



sauer :yes:

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