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Open Coursing- IRELAND

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it was good to see both of those videos the power and speed of the greyhound compared to the endurance and hearding of the saluki. It would be good to see a staghound run with the pair of them. plenty catch hares out here and dont take a week to do it.

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what a fookin mess, them greyhounds suffred badly due to the ground being so bad and them not being fit!

this is proper coursing below, not that pile of shite above. :thumbdown:



That's obviously a reply from a man who knows what he's on about. Ok the ground was wet but that particular meeting had to be run that day and the conditions were horrible all that weekend. Those greyhound were as fit as any in the country. Whats going on in my video and whats happening in yours are to completely different types of coursing that simply cannot be compared. But then what would i know.




sound, just not my cup of tea lad. :thumbs:

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Cheers for the thread Mossy that's made my night watching that, I do miss the meeting here for the coursing and the craic.

Enjoyed both the videos but like the other lad said two completely different breeds. both good sport.

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