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my mate from skool has been on the same spot for over 25 years now..they gave him an old caravan and put some bales up in a corner for him to use as his base camp..he,s even got bloody freeview down there...LOL.


he spends all his time from work there..loves it..shooting,ratting,lamping,


i went down this morning 1st thing and had a bacon butty and took the ferrets for a mooch.


I tried out a long net i got off Oldtimer...managed to catch 4 out of 2 sets on a hedge...didnt miss none and the long net worked a treat.


dog worked nets great today..she was in the right place everytime.couldnt fault her all day.




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theres not a lot of bunnies left in the areas close to the van...but on the edges of the woods and and few spots theres a few about that he has,nt shot already..I think i sparked an old flame in his heart when we were pulling them out of nets and dog was getting good marks..I gave him his 1st dog back in 1981 and he had many years with running dogs after that..But he like many others ended up getting a spaniel and a shotgun and gave up with the running dogs about 20 years ago. i keep tormenting him about all the fun we used to have...and its starting to rub off..he loved it on sunday..I hate shooting em and he is getting bored with the guns..so u never know.


u cant beat a bit of mooching with a dog nets and ferts..its hands on..full on if your lucky.

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