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bullx for sale 100%

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hi all well after thinking about it ive decided to let my bullx go because ive just got a job working 12 hours shifts an its night so i aint going to be able to give the dog the work he craves and needs. right he is 3 years old 2nd gen half x this dog has seen alot of work and has NO reverse gear will stop anything in his tracks. hes good in a kennel and with other dogs. hes 30tts and wheys about 90 odd pounds hes a very powerful dog not for novice dog men. there is a trail with this dog anywere you would like or you can take him on months trail but this dog wont dissapiont . dogs in derby and pics are on my profile in the posts section or on the stud section. the dogs 550 qiud but if someone is seriously interested i will take less. please NO divi's nobheads or timewasters ring thanks stuboi.07772307056

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give the lad a break. so [bANNED TEXT] if he is making a profit do u moan about a football team moaning about making a profit do u fook. he has most prob spent time bringing the dog up to a good stand

proper little businessman arnt you , buy a dog and you give it a 'valuation' and stick 300 quid on to of what you paid for it.

yes mate

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