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  1. A very nice example, what's the line staff I know for a very we'll put together bitch 3/4 greyhound 1/4 bull, that is also bred tight to good bull stock. He's after an outcross to line his bitch 6 yrs old been put through her paces
  2. What's the mother out of? What's the line of bull? Only asking as I'm keen on these pups just like to know what there from if possible
  3. Hi mate very interested,what age? What's the breeding, bloodline etc.
  4. dread i neversaw the dog run but people i know had and they did say he was a good dog and fast atwhat he did what are you running at the minute
  5. Dread if you dont mind how is bert doing
  6. Dread can you tell me how long ago did you have scallywag, only now have i traced my bull blood to a pit in south korea called canibal 11d by him all extremly game and big gambling dogs decent peoplemay i add
  7. hi bud what size is your bitch i am after a decent 3/4 bred if the size and strengh are there. cheers


  8. Can any one tell me the correct information,on how chris moyes captain was bred including the percentage of greyhound compared to the saluki please. In my poinion hes the best dog ive seen run only on tape though i prefered his style compared to others out there.
  9. Hi stu im very interested in the dog can you send me your number
  10. what height do tou expect them to make and what height was the sire and dam cheers
  11. what percentage are they bulls 4 life cheers
  12. cheers tazz i got a 5/8s 3/8s 27" going to a greyhound 29"hopefully should be decent dogs
  13. just curios tazz what hight was the dam and sire to your dog
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