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There is already a pinned thread for posting pics of ur rifle, pop it in there ;)

.atb. .ste.

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Hi, Liamcolliechubby etc!!!!! :welcomeani: :chair:


I've missed you so..... :air_kiss:



hello my long last earthling :thumbs:


now you finally have a picture of your bsa ultra s400 springer love it


only kidding pal as rossi_j said :thumbs:

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aqndy, how do you know this guys not genuine?


Check out his posts, his claims, his style, the Google pics that are being posted again all of the same lines, the same questions being asked on here and many other parts of the forum, the Patterdale connection, the time of joining to the time he was last kicked off....


Shall I go on :blink:

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wat do u mean google pics :blink: that is a air arms s400 not a bsa ultra springer which is no such thing im trying my best to understand this very confusing and guys my name is matty not liam


I rest my case...... :thumbs::angel:

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