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Tonights Result

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Went out lampig at 8.45 tonight with Whippeter69 at one of his permissions. I took my Air Arms S400 and a tin of Air Arms Diablo Field, which work very well on the rabbits. We walked around the 4 fields, whippeter was lamping and i was shooting. Had a fair few standing head shots from distances ranging from 20 to 40 yards. The lamp we used was my new Clulite shootalite with a red filter which worked very well. We ended with 10 rabbits wich we prepared when we got home ready for giving to farmers and friends. Heres a couple of pics.



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Great photos then Jenx and even greater shooting :thumbs:


Well done buddy





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Hi Jenx and whippeter.


Nice joint effort.....( Pun intended )


Good shooting and nice pic's too, your packing of the bunnies is very tidy.....nice :thumbs:


Have a SP.





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Cheers for the comments guys. We had a mega good night on the lamp and rabbit control with an air rifle isnt so bad, well it is an Air Arms :D

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Cheers for the comments guys.hopefully we wont forget to take a pic of the bunnies before their prept next time!

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