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Light load for 243Win

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So did any one actually answer my question then ? :crazy: :unsure:



So that will be a 1in10 twist rate.


Working out the optimum bullet length isn't hard.


Bullet length = (180 x (bullet diameter x bullet diameter) )/ twist rate

so that's 1.06" for the optimum bullet length.


So the rifle is more suited to deer than vermin (if I am correct on the 1in10 twist). The lightest bullet of that length would be 85 grain inter-bonds but 100 grain Hornady SP are bang on the money.If your reloading H4350 is a good powder in the .243" and I'd guess 39 to 42 grains would produce some good results.


You would have been better to get say a 1in12 twist which works well with 58 grain V-max, shooting the bullets laser flat right out to 300 yards.

The 85 grain bullets will work well, but have a slightly less flat trajectory but less effected by wind and longer ranges.


[REAL TIME] My 1in12 pro-hunter loves 58 grain v-max, producing one hole groups. I've loaded it with 75 grain v-max now, as a test round for fox & deer (if I could ever get 75 grain SP), group size has opened up considerably. 100 grain bullets are twice the group size of 75 grain bullets. That said, I'd be happy shooting foxes out to 200 yards with the 75 grain bullets, 150 with the 100 grain bullets but would be more than happy right out to 300 yards with the 58 grain bullets.



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The topic header suggests that the OP requires a "light load". I think the OP may well be surprised that there are only a few possibilities out there. Best I have come up with, which is a REAL load

No arguement about the speeds required to make certain bullet weights deer legal, but just pointing out that there is no legal minimum speed for bullets in law!... not semantics, accuracy! There are

So did any one actually answer my question then ? :crazy: :unsure:

Posted 22 June 2010 - 11:54 PM


jonty h, on 22 June 2010 - 08:43 PM, said:


i`m about to get myself a 243 and would like to use it for long range varmint shooting, so the lighter bullets would suit my needs, what i wondered is are these faster, lighter bullets going to seriously shorten the barrel life or the rifle ?


I rather think so!.......




SERIOUSLY is important here, and in simple terms for field work the answer is NO, If you fired loads in quick succession down the range and fried your barrel them perhaps yes!


And make sure you clean barrel and moderator thoroughly, and regularly!


Assuming KILLS


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So did any one actually answer my question then ? :crazy: :unsure:



So did any one actually answer my question then ? :crazy: :unsure:


I think John was trying to before the chukkle bro's woke up.



The question was answered before you woke up! Not only haven't you got anthing to add to the thread, the rubbish you come out with is innacurate anyway!


Have a nice day!

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