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  1. 40 Years panel beating did me,,,,,,,,,, get some good plugs and keep shooting mate, youll learn to ignor the high pitch scream
  2. The lazer hits the object centred in the view finder measures the time for the reflection to return, turns that time into a distance
  3. One problem i found with an auto was the tendacey to rush the first shot "in case you need a second" Take a look at the " BEST " target rifles what are they ,,,,,,,, Bolt, ( or falling block). Horses for coarses, autos for fun bolt for killing
  4. Id look for a rough spot around the extractor cut out,, a fraze around the the guild pin hole or a scuffed edge, if its sticking in that hard sounds as if the cartridge head is the problem site look for marks on the head and relate that to the chamber,, it may well only need a flick with a stanley knife
  5. Hello Jim, I cant do much myself at the moment but ive passed your words on to a few friends ( fingers crossed) Being a copper wont hurt your chances being a dickhead would,,,,,, i you need is a dab of common mate ACAB aint always true, handsome is as handsome does, B/L if i hear anything ill PM you..... Tom
  6. Hello Gloop, Yes the shotload dont matter much its the case length,,,,, but 21/22g loads youd be better off with a 20bore, with such a low pellet count the 20 would give better patterns and be lighter to carry
  7. Maybe so, but ive never had a prob until i changed loads,, and at £325 new its a throw away job, ive worked mine hard over the last couple of seasons, so if i get a couple more its erned its keep, ive saved more than that in poss damage to my coggeys, to have a top grade stock refinished to match it brother would cost a lot more then £325.. and tell me how many pigeon bashers havent bashed knocked or even dropped a gun,,,,,, so scratched a hatsan so what ,,, scratched a Coggey,,, lotsacash
  8. "Rifle clubs" ,,, where probationary members HAVE to use guns owned by THE CLUB, this is the same thing,
  9. Try Dr Roger Payne, Youll find him on Milsurps website,,,,, expert on k98 No4 sniper rifles ,,,,,, He knows his stuff and is a RFD. ps, I know for a fact he has a large stock of No4 Mk1s, plus hes honest and wont con you,,, if you contact Roger tell him Tom gave you his name
  10. i think its the 3" chamber that does it the bolt has so far to travel, and the spent case becomes a piston to drive it, so a 65mm will bleed off gas long before a 70mm or 75mm. Think im gona try playing around with recoil spring rates, as i seldom use 3" i dont need a spring rate that will handle 3" all the time,,, lighter spring the faster the bolt will travel back and the less engery it needs to reach the sear
  11. Thanks Airbourne, seems ive have the answer to the Hatsan saga then " Load my own"
  12. Hello All, Just thought id pass on the findings of some tests i did on a Hatsan Escort. Ive used mine for 18 months now and it never missed a beat, until i changed ammo. I had been useing 30g loads by Eley. I changed to 29g loads by Lyalvale,,,Yep they wouldnt feed. This happened while i was with a mate who gave me a box of winchester 32gs they worked fine, so thinking id bought a load of duff stuff i thought id break one open and have a look at its guts. To cut a long storey short i reloaded a few with the same primers same powder and same shot, however the only cases i had we
  13. What rifle ? , it could be bolted, dovetailed, clamped or sweated,,,, if its sweated youll need a blow lamp
  14. Caprelous, Id let it be known his wife/girlfriend was paying in kind for the repairs
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