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  1. If you need to order in, worth a box of 52 a-max. Work nicely on fox and can be mail-ordered. Failing that, v-max, Nosler ballistic tip or Sierra blitzking all work well. Don't discount lighter bullets in the 1:9 twist, I had an SPS Tactical for a bit, shot everything.
  2. Lee's perfectly decent for all but the most accurate ammo. If you're just reloading for field work and maybe the odd target, it's perfectly good stuff. Lee turret press isn't the very finest, but it will get you going and allow you enough of your £250 for dies at least. I've not bought a press for a while so not sure on the exact pricing at the moment.
  3. I sold mine and bought a Howa instead. That shot really well with 95gr Hornady SSTs over 46gr H4831SC. You could try some OAL experimentation but personally I think you'll do better with a new rifle or a new barrel.
  4. I would anyway, but which bit of legislation is this please? Lifted from the British Deer Society website. Ric Don't suppose I can trouble you for a link please?
  5. I would anyway, but which bit of legislation is this please?
  6. I already said it's not illegal and quoted the Firearms Act. What more do you want?
  7. Codpiece, why don't you just go f**k yourself? I am honestly so sick and tired of your shit it is unbelievable.
  8. Can you not read? I said .3 MOA! That's not 0.1MOA, which is very different. If you don't believe me, come over to Reading and I'll show you. Ammunition transfer is only shown on the recipient's FAC, with the originating FAC used as authority to own. If my mate sticks around while I make his ammo, no transfer is required as he's bought all his components!
  9. My SPS tactical never shot a load worse than about 1 MOA. It shot many loads considerably better than that. Not sure why that is so hard to comprehend. I don't shoot .1MOA groups very often at all. My CZ shoots .3MOA with the right load on the right day when I do my bit. It's not a fluke as it's been done several times, but it's not every group, either. The worst ones are about .5 MOA. My CZ is not a factory rifle that occurs all the time, I freely admit that, but it is true, and it is a very good rifle!
  10. You're doing what I couldn't and making a Remington SPS Tactical shoot straight?!<BR><BR>Mine shot .2-.5 MOA with 69gr Lapua Scenar and a reasonably stiff load of AA2230. I'd say that was shooting straight. Oh, and while we're there, that was the very first load I ever tried. But since I had 2 x 223s, I played with other loads for other reasons.<BR><BR>My most accurate rifle is my CZ 527 American. It has had no modifications whatsoever, except I adjusted the trigger so it's very nice. It has a plastic stock which is utterly awful, and cost £400. It should be awful, but
  11. The 243 is deer legal in England and Wales with all loads which exceed 1700 ft/lbs. In Scotland, it must have 100gr bullet for everything bigger than roe. Let's get the facts straight
  12. 243 will work with the right bullet, of that I have no doubt given the number of red deer which die each year due to a 243 bullet in the heart. However, if I was out for reds, I'd take my 308.
  13. <BR><BR><IMG class=bbc_emoticon alt= src="http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/clapper.gif"> <BR><BR>Okay, for what it's worth I'll try to be constructive in my reply (yes I was going to be sarcastic).<BR><BR>When I started out reloading, I did as most still do and that was to read books and try to work out what the best bullet would be for my rifle. IIRC it was a Ruger M77 in .223. I still have my range book here. My first attempt was with 21 grains of H322 and a 55 grain V-max. I had no idea about twist rates or powders
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