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  1. any more info? has it done anything other than sitting? stays retreives walking to heel on and off the lead?
  2. Hello everyone I have decided to sell my air rifle, I simply never get out with it havnt had it out in nearly a year and its just gathering dust really, the rifle is a .22 BSA Lightning XL Tactical and comes with a Hawke Sport HD 3-9*40 scope, BSA mounts, Bisley gun slip and 1/4 tin of BSA Storm pellets. excellent little air rifle ideal for a young shot or a first gun im looking for £220 ono face to face only can deliver/meet within reason, PM for Location Cheers
  3. nice one lads was interested to see how this cross would turn out look forward to seeing the pics of yours DnN alb
  4. Beltin lil border there pal any other pics of her? cheers
  5. looks a switched on pack there chester
  6. especially if you were preparing them for a guest or something which is why I was shown that method, doubt any well paying guest would be too happy if his newly prized roe buck head got chucked in a hole for a month
  7. http://www.gypsyhorses.com/Horses/lionking.htm hope this helps mate
  8. no need to boil heads if you want skulls, just bury it for a month or so then bleach it. rather wait 20-30 mins than a month and no andy its all gone mate
  9. its crap mate, live on the banks of the tyne hardy worth fishing it anymore
  10. Nice set up - Just got a S&B 8x56 (hungarian 30mil) for my new rifle - picking it up Friday. How long did you boil the heads for out of curiosity? eeeeeeeerm off the top of my head about 20 for the younger buck and 25 for the older, then pressure washed and sprayed up
  11. was a tikka t3 .243 with a schmidt and bender 8*56
  12. Got me first and second buck last month Boiling Heads up My Small 6 Pointer cheers for looking
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