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  1. thanks for the kind words. it was a rottwiler what attacked me. i put an old post up a while ago which has the pictures of the wounds if any of you like to look at gore and stuff.
  2. thanks alot mate. now time to feed the mutts.. and im not on about the dogs :')
  3. very hard indeed! yes, it was bad buddy.. 25 stitches to the face, 2 nights in hospital, lack of sleep for 9 months, depression, this that and the other.. but all turned out good in the end.. i mean.. just look how beoutiful my babys are!!
  4. thanks tracey. feels good to be back in the canine world.
  5. hey again! so its been nearly a year since i got attacked by a dog.. my scars are clearing up well and are hardly noticeable! since meeting my fella my life with dogs has gone right back on track.. i am no longer haveing panic attacks when a big dog runs up to me, im back out in the feilds again chaseing them pesky wabbits.. heres a few pictures of my new family. junior http://i1165.photobu...14/DSC00411.jpg tilla our *cough* staffy *cough* http://i1165.photobucket.com/albums/q599/tilla14/DSC00417.jpg http://i1165.photobucket.com/albums/q599/tilla14/DSC00421.jpg the thr
  6. thanks, the scaring is still noticeable but give them time, and im still sh!t scared of any big dog but i can now walk past some terriers in the street. georgia
  7. the owners are being prosecuted and sued, the owners only had the dog for a few months and knew nothing of its past.. stupid really, who buys a fully grown rottweiler and not ask about the bloody thing?! anyway my scars are having treatment in 12 months time for some laser scar removal.. wish me luck (Y) georgia.
  8. well.. i am very confused.. lol!.. i just want to know when ive had my boobs out?! ANYWAY.. thanks to all for the nice comments.. my boyfriend has been helping me get used to his little westie and i feel pretty safe around that one dog now, i still cross over roads when i see big dogs but can now walk past little terriers with confidence! the other good news is i now have a job at a pet shop working with the reptiles!! whoop whoop go me thanks all again georgia x
  9. thanks to everyone for all the nice words.. this is what happend.. i went to a friend of a friends house and i had met the dog previously 4 days before hand, lovey dog he was.. tail wagging, calm and really enjoying a good fuss of everyone, i sat on a chair and the dog sat between my legs then shifted abit so he was nearly sitting on my foot, his tail was still wagging whilest i was strokeing him from his head to down his back.. i know to keep my face away from any dog and i did so.. but then 3 minuites later the dog spun round and was attatched to my face.. no signs of aggresion or irrita
  10. thanks, i am going to counciling sessions, i have recoverd quite well as i have had my stitches outand sleeping during the day which explains why i am online so late! thanks again georgia x
  11. yes, it could of been alot worse, thanks for the kind words mate x
  12. recently i have been attacked on the face by a rottwiler, i now can not touch or even go nere a dog.. big or small.. i was just wondering if any one on here has been through this? and how has it effected you in anyway? i will leave pictures of before and after 25 stitches.. thanks for your time all the best georgia x http://i993.photobucket.com/albums/af54/xxbabypodgyexx/photo2.jpg http://i993.photobucket.com/albums/af54/xxbabypodgyexx/photo.jpg
  13. Good for you, not all dogs are the same though.. Too many people on here too quick to judge other people by their own standards, situation and experiences... I agree with Malt. Maybe she didn't have the f*****g time to train it, it isn't her house after all. This place is full of f*****g experts......... Hope your luck changes Gorgia thank you! ive been texting peggys new owner, shes getting along fine couldent say the same for me as im still crying.. at least shes happy
  14. attack fell terrier.. who are you really? do you know the whole story behind this? no you do not.. my dad isent the most of paitent of people so yes i had to get rid of a lovely dog she was everything to me,my best friend, my loyal companion my peggy.. i tryed and tryed to house train her and i only had two weeks to do it or my dad would of just gave her away or even kiked me out.. i had no other option so why dont you just sit down shut up and stop trying to harras a 15 year old? have some respect! ive tryed being nice and now you know the whole story maby you could to.. im sorry for being su
  15. ive had the dog for 3 years.. ive moved out of my mums house and moved into my dads flat.. im not stupid, thinking i could house train a kenneld dog i love this dog to bits and like any other person for my dogs sake id give it a go.. it has broke my heart today and im not going to take crap off people who do not know me on this website for all the non-sarcastic people who have something smart to say thankyou!
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