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  1. Aw god o...what a night! Was out Thurs night last with my wee 5 year old wheaten bull after rabbits as usual! Was off to a good start...had two rabbits out of 3 runs...first of which she took in a river! So after that we moved ground and Tess has a habit of staying out in front...especially when being hunted on her own but this time I tried calling her back. Within minutes she was badly tangled in a barbed wire fence...the more she tried to get out of it the worse it got...eventually we managed to get her free and had to get the vet to open up...any useful vet numbers in northern Ireland wub b
  2. Anyone know of any vets in northern Ireland...was out the other night and my wee bitch got badly tangled up in barbed wire...213 pound later she is lying up all stitched up and badly brushed. ..not a nice experience!
  3. Pike are as weird a species of fish to catch as iv cam across man. You will need alot of perseverance as they are ambush feeders and only feed very seldom. Great sport when in tho.
  4. Hello all...I am a lurcher man here mostly hunting rabbits and anything else that comes my way. I have my wee bull terrier bitch,was a surprise birthday present,had her for 4 years now...and my mate has a big saluki! Hoping to meet new men possibly local to me to show me better ground and can't wait to chat and learn from all!!
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