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  1. Think about using a NV kit as you'll get longer to pick your shots
  2. If I was a little closer I'd bite your hand off for a chance to get out for some rabbit
  3. Welcome mate and you lucky devil just starting out and have a permission already nice one
  4. Thats a beautiful looking gun there. Whoever buys this will be well happy.
  5. LONGERS YOUR a legend mate, rifle arrived this morning well packaged and looking superb can't wait to try it out at the weekend. :-)
  6. Hi all have a question for you while I'm going through the long process of knocking on doors looking for my own permissions I'd like to do some rabbit and general vermin hunting. My question is do any of you know of any land owners in and around London who charge to shoot on their land. My thinking at least this gets me hunting as getting permissions can be a long long long rd. Regards john
  7. Thanks for the replys guys I'm going to go for either a hw100 or a S410 I think.
  8. Hi guys looking for one of the above with scope and a bottle if possible around the london area,have money waiting for the right deal. Regards john
  9. Hey all, I want to get back hunting with an air rifle after a 15 year break and wondering what I should buy, I think I'll be going for a pcp but not sure which one I'm looking at spending about £350-450 for a second hand kit any suggestions would be great. Regards john
  10. Crap if you were near london I'd really be interested in this :-(
  11. Hi guys also if anyone knows about a decent pcp outfit for sale around the london area please let me know,have money waiting looking to spend about £350-400 Regards john
  12. Excellent just what I need been trying to do a decent letter for ages. Top work.
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