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  1. Hello mate, I'm From farnborough too,
  2. Just seen your youtube videos mate, is that the 5x model? also what IR are you using to get out to that distance?
  3. Was searching around the web and came across Patternmaster code black chokes, has anyone used them before? are they good as they make out? i sometimes use steel but mainly use lead shot.would i benefit much and are they worth there price tag ?
  4. Still looking guys, haven't logged on for a while
  5. Lol.... not lonely, just see if anyone else fancied a change of scenery like i do lol
  6. Just browsing and came across this , what do you guy think? http://www.easyhit.co.uk/psx1000.php
  7. Ive got one mate, as new condition bought it two weeks ago took it out today and realised FFP isn't for me its a Falcon Menace 4-14x44 FFP ML16 Ret , it has 0.1MRAD metric adjustment , I'm after £175 posted
  8. Sorry mate, herts is abit far for me to travel , I'm ideally looking fairly local ...sorry
  9. Ok still looking, anyone fancy getting out sometime?
  10. Primos 2 point gun rest, use this with the tripod trigger stick and you have a portable bench rest. £35 posted
  11. DM80 17hmr moderator for sale, great moderator, only selling as it won't fit my barrel now I've had it shortened down to 16" , looking at it i don't think it will fit a varmint barrel either .Im after £ for this, must have a slot for .17hmr moderator on license (Farnborough, Hampshire)
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