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  1. LoneWalker

    Dovre Or Taiga ??? Or Lowa Hunters

    I've had Lowa combats for the last 6 years. Still going strong, comfy out the box and never leaked. Won't go anywhere else. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. LoneWalker

    Whistle Training

    Thanks mate. I will try that and see how we get on. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. LoneWalker

    Whistle Training

    ........and a hunt whistle when you want them to hunt the area where they are. I haven't heard of this before but sounds interesting. Is this when the dog is on a retrieve and near to a dropped bird or a "cast off" whistle? What is the recognised whistle for this? Thanks.
  4. LoneWalker

    Training Again

    Good pics. Love to see a spaniel work.
  5. LoneWalker


    Whats the dvds called apart from cocker chsmpionship 2016 cheers The guy who films the championship is called Paul French and he has a website with a load of videos from the championships and some others. He has a channel on YouTube as well.
  6. LoneWalker

    Need New Boot, What Do You Think?

    Had 2 pairs of Lowa Combat gtx boots. Excellent, last well and have never let any water in. Would definitely recommend.
  7. LoneWalker

    Hello From Devon

    Hello. Like getting out and about with my spaniel, doing a bit of beating and picking up. Have been pigeon shooting a couple of times and want to learn more about field sports in general and this site looks really good.
  8. Was thinking of getting a pair of either Hoggs FieldPro Ranger Trousers or Sherwood Forest Kingswood Trousers. Would be mainly used for dog training work out on moorland, etc. Has anyone got any experience of these? Any other suggestions for similar items in this price range would be welcome. Thanks.
  9. LoneWalker

    Barking Spaniel

    I have a 3 year old working cocker spaniel and he has an annoying habit of barking when I set him off hunting. I up him and take his slip lead off, and set him off. He will bark. If I teet on the whistle to get him to change direction, he will bark. I have tried different methods of setting him off, including verbal and just hand signals with no difference. He will bark. I have tried putting him back on the lead when he barks and walking him before trying again. Nothing seems to stop him. I was trawling though this forum and some posts I came across said that you have to identify the root cause of the barking and address that. Has anyone got any ideas what the root cause may be? I think that it maybe he knows that at some stage I am going to blow the stop whistle and throw a dummy and then send him for a retrieve, so he barks wanting the dummy to be thrown. Sorry for the long post, but I spent an enjoyable evening with a couple of beers trawling through this forum, and thought that someone maybe able to help. This is my first spaniel by the way, so I am very inexperienced. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Maybe that it can never be addressed, but something must make him bark. Thanks.