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  1. volpe

    Photon Mounted On T Bolt

    yeah app you cant get good eye relief and you cant use the yukon sw 30 scope mount on them, This is only what I have read which is why Im asking on here if anyone has actually done it, Didn't get much help from Browning and still waiting for a reply from scott country ATB Volpe
  2. volpe

    Photon Mounted On T Bolt

    Thanks Philpot I didn't actually think of that ill give them a call this afternoon
  3. Hi guys Thinking of buying a photon RT but have heard there are problems mounting them on a Browning T Bolt do any of you have this set up and if so how have you done it Any pics would be a bonus but just some idea would be good, I don't want to buy one then not be able to mount it right, Ive emailed Scott country asking there advice but they havn't got back to me yet thanks all ATB Volpe
  4. BoB Merrins the man if you want his Tel no earththrower give me a shout and ill pm you it ( ill check with Bob first but Im sure it will be ok) hes a great bloke to talk to and hes still making the wooden ones, he will even tell you the best wood to make them out off, and the best wood for the mumble sticks so they dont swell up, Hes a font off knowledge ATB Volpe
  5. volpe

    Ns550 Or Photon Rt 6 X 50

    Thanks villaman someone else told me i would regret it, think ill stick with what ive got cheers Volpe
  6. Hi guys i have a pulsar ns550 with doubler that has served me well and was wondering if the new photon rt 6 x 50 was worth getting 1) Can it really be used during the day i mean like a day scope 2) is it smaller on the rifle than a NS550 as the NS550 is quite a big beast 3) has the technology moved on ie better clarity or has it just caught up with the pulsar, suppose what i am asking is will i be able to tell the difference Im ready for putting my night vision back on my browning t bolt hmr and was just thinking if it was worth a look at the photon as they seem to get good reviews, so what you all think about the photon rt all answers gratefully received Cheers Volpe
  7. volpe

    Wooden Half-Barrel Mole Traps

    Try a man called Bob Merrin the real cumbrian mole man he still makes full barrels out of wood, if you need his number pm me hes semi retired now and just does mole jobs he wants to but he still likes making his traps, there a joy to see atb Volpe
  8. volpe

    Using Bait For Foxes

    trick i used to use years ago was to get a battery analogue travel clock one of the small ones, take the battery cover off and tie some fishing line to the battery on the other end of the fishing line tie a dead chicken, place out where you are baiting and wait until the chickens been taken, the battery will have been pulled out and the clock stopped, now you know what time charlie comes around and as we know charlie is a very consistent time keeper, ive shot loads of problem foxes this way
  9. volpe

    Ghost Snares

    if your on 31 I wouldnt change a thing it obviously works
  10. volpe

    Ghost Snares

    one problem of the ghost snare is you are stuck to a maximum height you can set it and I struggle to set it with a 10 to 11 inch height with a decent 10 inch loop,(unless recently the built in tealer has been extended) no doubt there will be folk on here that will take a pic of this and declare it can be done but by the admission of the two men that designed them they were meant for catching cubs which explains why i cant get one any higher than 10-11 inch, This is just my opinion and I am sure plenty folk like them i just don't see the point
  11. volpe

    Ghost Snares

    any good snare hides well if its set correctly, I dont think i have ever come across a fox that is snare shy, Lamp shy, trap shy but never snare shy, I've tried the ghost snares and dont really rate them, I make my own and snare well over a 100 foxes a year, lets just keep it simple its a bit of wire on a tealer and that's all you need if done properly
  12. Hi all I have a .22 rimfire a 223 CF and a 243 CF and find that because I have the 243 i never pick up the 223 any more and am going to let it go, and mabye get a 17HMR for the long range rabbit and odd Fox, The question is do i need to part with the 223 before I apply for a variation or can I apply for it before I sell it, The reason I ask is on form 202 APPLICATION TO VARY A FIREARM CERTIFICATE it just asks you If you wish to report the disposal of any firearms currently shown on your firearm certificate and I take that to mean you have already disposed of it (past tense ) not which one you would like to dispose of Hope this all makes sense thanks everyone atb Volpe
  13. volpe

    Who Sells The Best Hemp

    Hi the Hi Mate I would like to know the Mill where you could get hemp if you would be so kind, Nowadays people pass off Flax as hemp but its not as good, Its true, spun polyester is now the norm and in many ways better, but there's nothing nicer than a days ferreting with hemp purse nets, you do have to hang them up to dry after every trip which is a pain when you can just leave the nylon ones in the bag, Ive got some real hemp nets that were made by a old gentlemen that are thirty years old and still going strong, but please if you have the address of that mill and its real hemp I would get some
  14. volpe

    Russel Brand

    is it earning or profit cause giving you profits to charity is a old dodge, you take a wage out of it then all your expenses and the " profit " you have left over you give to charity tax free may i add
  15. volpe

    Mole Trapping Experience

    Stick around and you'll see it...... Don't hold your breath JD! Peter Fullerton - I do have opinions, and if you spend time reading the same old drivel on here year after year then you would have too. None, and I think I am safe in saying this, of the pro trappers post anything on here about the subject any more. Why? Because any photo is removed, threads are ruined by the uneducated, and as a result nothing progresses. Those that know, keep it to themselves. They don't write books or post on forums like this. Get out and try things, learn from experience. My kids can catch moles, almost anyone can; it is not difficult. What does take time is to understand how to do it properly, and THAT is exactly what you don't get from the book. If I gave a handful of books to someone completely unsighted, and disinterested in trapping, and then asked them to produce their own then you would get the same product. The comment that started me off was that the book in question was 'great' - and that is what I challenged. so true Ive always said this about those that know