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  1. Hey bringing up this thread again. Anyone know of someone rearing pheasants this year in ni ? Cheers everyone
  2. Hi I had this in the wrong section to begin with. My father and I run a small family shoot in Ballycastle area, we are needing a new member this year. An experienced shooter is preferred. We have a good bunch of lads in our shoot. Phone me on 07921764966 for a chat. Our yearly fees are very good. It's a rough/walked up shoot.
  3. we have a syndicate in ballycastle area and due to old members retireing their guns we may have an opening. My dad runs the shoot and is very picky so experienced shooters only please. we have a good bunch of guys so friendly shooters only lol get in touch 07921764966 for price etc.. cheers
  4. Hello everyone I'm looking a new trap as the crappy one i'm using just gave up the ghost as it's old. Anyone know of any wee cheap traps just for a bit of crack. Thanks
  5. Hopefully my licence will be back this week so I can lift the 20 bore and get a crack at them again. Forgot how fun decoys are lol
  6. Got down to the hide with my mate tonight for an hour before dinner. Was good crack, wanted crows but had lots of pigeon interest
  7. Yeah mate it was just the peristalsis just like humans have. You must have gutted very quickly lol
  8. I'd go for a Cocker mate. I work two and they are completely different, one is mad and the other is like an old man just potters about and is brilliant with our daughter. Just my opinion
  9. Was up yesterday at lavin guns for a few clay cartridges and asked Tom if he had any 20g shotguns in, I've been toying with the idea of a 20g for a while as a wee gun to take out every now and then so I can keep the barreta good. Long story short the new gun is a huglu, anyone used one of these? Seems like a good gun for the money
  10. Looking forward to attending these as you know hunting season is about to start again soon
  11. Did you get sorted lad? Curious where you got them as I think I'm going to back to hatching eggs this year again. Cheers
  12. Cheers mate. Upload to photo bucket then copy the URL link and copy to here that was a few of the days from this year can't wait till next season.
  13. Thought I'd share a couple of pictures from this year with my wee Cockers
  14. My wee Cocker does this when she is waiting for me send her out for A retrieve. Used to do it more when she was a pup but as she has got older she has been doing it less and less.
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