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  1. Davyt 63 thanks got my frist premissiom golf course :-) the guy was will in pressed with the letter :-)
  2. steve83

    Shooting Club In Cornwall

    Truro down mate sorry
  3. Hi all just started shooting and looking for a club or some were I can shoot targets at 25 meters as the clubs I have asked at shoot 10 meters . Help plz :-)
  4. Hi all looking for a shoot club which shoots at 25 yeard's I can only find 10 meter clubs any ideas plz :-)
  5. steve83

    The Quietest Springer ? Advice Please

    Tx200 can't fault mine found it very good lamping
  6. thanks davey hopefully this well help
  7. Thanks guy so helped :-)
  8. steve83

    Buying your first air rifle

    Thanks Marksman I have just started after 20 years out of the sport and hell thing have changed sum what.like pcp were just getting started now were to start. Do I buy pcp or sringer . I when springer frist go with wat I now :-)
  9. steve83

    Hello All For Cornwall

    Hope so. Just keep shooinn paper but can not eat that :-)
  10. steve83

    Need Some Help

    Hi all what are thr best pellets to in a tx 200 .177 idly for FT all comments welcome . I am a new member just getting back in to the sport after 20 year and thing have changed .
  11. Hi all just started feld target shooting and found the forum for you tube. Plus vermin control as soon as I find a prem lol that not easy