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    shooting ..... what a surprise!! Work on a dairy farm.
  1. 8pm to 9pm is best on my permission...... pain in the ass on the horse paddocks.
  2. BSA R10 MK 2 myself, love hunting with it. Welcome to the forum!!
  3. The standard UV they put on it is crap, change it for a cree or similar and its cock on mate.
  4. Depends on the balance between cheap and what quality you want. I bought a factory reconditioned ATN Xsight for £275 off fleabay. The quality of the unit is fantastic, plus a 12 month guarantee. Best of luck.
  5. welcome.... presume you mean BSA R10.... try ronnie sunshines or ebay
  6. To my Nan, brother uncle and grandad as well.... eeeeee mucky pup
  7. welcome mate.... nor can I.
  8. Wouldn't a BASC membership cover this? You are then insured as well? . HOW DO I KNOW I AM SHOOTING SAFELY?BASC has a simple assessment carried out by accredited assessors called the Airgun Safe Shot Award. It is not a test of competence. The assessment takes just 20 minutes and can be done at a game fair or organised by you anywhere in England and Wales. To find out more about the Airgun Safe Shot Award please contact BASC Sporting Services department on 01244 573018.
  9. F*** sh***te I work on a farm, driving tractors, working machinery, working with cattle and sheep.....The only certificate You need for this is a driving licence. Ive been shooting for 40 years+..... Ill have to apply LMAO!!
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