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  1. Gamegetter

    Out trying the 177

    Nice shooting chap the .177 pill will do it every time ! , most useful calibre sub 12ft/1b's ☺ Regards, Mike
  2. Gamegetter


    Well done , always nice to have a blat with mates . 3 cracking setups and bunnys in the bag ☺ Regards, Mike
  3. Gamegetter

    Out on the bunnies

    Firstly well done on picking up some new ground , those two fields sound ideal for a moderated air rifle . I'm sure you'll bag up on there as it sounds ideal for the pigeons Regards, Mike
  4. Gamegetter

    Out checking feeders this morning

    Good result there pal Regards, Mike
  5. Gamegetter

    Cat amongst the pigeons !

    Thanks , he's a big lad alright ! He's just 23 months now but coming on good . If he's half as good as my last lab, I'll be more than happy Regards, Mike
  6. Gamegetter

    Cat amongst the pigeons !

    Ok , mines in .177 run JSB's through mine . Nice rifles Thanks guys for the replies, was nice to get out and about ☺ Regards, Mike
  7. Pigeons were the order of the day today, so me Jet and the wildcat took a stroll down to our favourite hide down in a small copse on my mate kevs farm . Was bitterly cold when we got there at 7:30 ,but on our approach I could see a few pigeons flittering amongst the ivy picking off the berries So got setup in the hide and waited with the dog . Not long after a pigeon glided in just above the hide a 16 yarder and first bird in the bag and a retrieve for Jet . Then missed two on the trot ! But came good on the third shot just under 20 yards and whacked another that made it two in the bag Smacked another pigeon hard but he flew like a bat out of hell, we couldn't find that one but knew he wouldn't last long , we all do it As the Sun started to filter through the copse another pigeon appered and whacked that one clean in the upper chest with a satisfying pop , that was a 40 yarder give or take and sent jet off for the pick up . Whacked another off the same branch not long after , so that was two out of that tree Two more pigeons from just outside the hide one at 30 ish yards and the other just under that gave me 6 pigeons , by then it was getting on towards lunch time and despite having a flask of tea and a bit of grub I was getting a tad cold then ! The bitter cold wind started to take its toll and missed a couple of birds, so decided to call it a day . A cracking morning spent with the dog a few good pick ups ,6 pigeons in the bag and a pigeon stir fry for me and the Mrs tonight The final tally 6 pigeon Inside the hide View from the hide You just missed that pigeon !
  8. Gamegetter

    A duo of coneys

    Good little sorty mate wind age is always a killer especially for us airgunners Nice when it all comes together though Regards, Mike
  9. Gamegetter


    Nice one a good upper chest shot does it every time Regards, Mike
  10. Gamegetter

    Old building, perm

    Another good result like others said that pigeon shit is no good for your breathing , horrible stuff ! ☺ Regards, Mike
  11. Gamegetter

    beter than working

    Cracking bag well done ! , certainly beats work for sure ☺ Regards, Mike
  12. Gamegetter

    Out local this morning

    Nice result there was a beautiful day to be out for sure . The collards make for nice eating . And the farmer seen your results to , always a bonus ! Regards, Mike
  13. Gamegetter

    Tried the nv rangefinder

    Nice shooting chap nice healthy looking Bunnys ...... err.. except there dead ! Lol Regards, Mike
  14. Gamegetter

    Last nights ferals

    Good result there, love shooting the ferals . Once shot in an derelict hotel down here in Torquay , had over 200 birds over three evenings Regards, Mike
  15. Gamegetter

    Just the one

    One in the bag good going and at least your out there trying ! Regards, Mike