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  1. Good shooting . Love the Wildcats ☺ Mike
  2. Nice one , glad you have it sorted know Regards, Mike
  3. I'd say just rifle on its own in nice condition £350-375 Mike
  4. Yeah , crack on slap her arse and ride the ripples ! Mike
  5. Looks like a good pigeon shooting woods , you should winkle a few out from there for sure ! . Good luck ☺ Regards, Mike
  6. Well done for getting out for a start . My missus had her cateract done a few years ago, simple op and the differance afterwards was amazing . Good luck Regards, Mike
  7. Nice one , lights out ☺ Regards, Mike
  8. Well done, love shooting the crows coming in to roost . The noise on times is deafening ! . Nice shooting with the Springer ☺ Regards, Mike
  9. Ok , thank you for the comment . Rifles , scopes and pellets are always improving and getting better all the time . Not forgetting the shooter as well, I have been hunting with air rifles for over 40 years and feel I am a competent shooter I only attempt the longer range shooting when weather permits , usually most of my shooting is around woodland and under 30 yards Practice is vital to keep you sharp , and combined with a rangefinder, bipod or shooting sticks works for me Regards, Mike
  10. Ok , I won't put anything on the metal work never really needed it to be honest , plus I like the contrast between stock and metalwork Regards, Mike
  11. Thanks guys for the comments , its a nice bit of ground for sure and has given me some good shooting for 30 years Regards, Mike
  12. Got to the permission at around 5:30 pm and got my self settled overlooking some scrub 50 yards away . This is a great farm to shoot on and always has a healthy hoard of Bunnys Didn't have to wait long when bunny number 1 appeared , settled the falcons crosshair on the Bunnys bounce and squeezed of the shot , the .177 JSB gave a healthy crack registering a nice headshot and it fell on the spot a nice 50 yarder ☺ Had to wait a little while for bunny number 2 to show and he followed his mate into the bag , I tracked the JSB to the nogging on this one on 18 x magnifacation ☺ A nice couple of hours had by myself , and the wildcat doing the business as usual 50 yards to the killing zone Two in the bag Mike
  13. Nice shooting and nice prosport Regards, Mike
  14. Nice shooting with the cat , I love shooting the ferals they always seem tougher to knock down compared with woodies Regards, Mike
  15. Good result in these conditions and a big thumbs up for getting out there ☺ Regards, Mike
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