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  1. basilhunter

    Books For Sale

    what ones have you left?
  2. basilhunter

    Names For A Lurcher Bitch

  3. basilhunter

    On The 7 Trent

    Hard to beat a day like that,good days sport,be lucky if i got that in a month.Good going,keep it up
  4. basilhunter

    Good Day Out

    Great bag of rabbits ,nice to have permission like that,bunnies are sparse here the year.
  5. worse when some fecker steals them,accidents do happen.part and parcel of hunting.Not nice losing a good ferret,won't be long before you get another good one.
  6. basilhunter

    Leaving A Ferret

    Glad you got him,nice looking hob
  7. Some of them are like socks very thin,some nice ones there too,nice grilse the wee lad is holding .fishing was poor here in the foyle system early on,picked up end of July on,had six all in,only out dozen times myself.Water levels low,rivers haven't went down since season has been over. Maybe next year will be better
  8. basilhunter

    Return To The Rabbit Burrows

    happy days,few rabbits for the pot,best of grub,hope you enjoy them
  9. basilhunter

    The Mccanns

    Crap parents at end of day,more chance of finding rocking horse shite than finding that kid.Had have happened here they woulda been crucified.jmo.
  10. basilhunter

    Leaving A Ferret

    i didnt have an option mate, i had the bird with me and it was getting dark he needed putting away and sorting. I will be there first thing tommorow. Its a rocky set aswell do if i went now id only break my ankle on a crack in the rocks lol. Im up there first thing though so hopefully get him back for breakfast time Hope you get him,keep us posted on outcome
  11. basilhunter

    Leaving A Ferret

    Should be there,i would have come back with lamp n opened a hole with wind blowing down it,tied a gutted rabbit in front of hole,worked for me.Try it in morning.Get into habit of whistling every time you feed them., Hate leaving them,have never lost one(lucky so far),been out with people who left theirs,up to the individual i suppose.
  12. basilhunter

    Nice Dig Sunday

    good result,cracker wee dogs
  13. basilhunter

    He's there... somewhere

    Enjoyed reading this article,thanks.
  14. basilhunter

    A Look Out On Some Nice Permission

    Hard to beat scenery like that when out ferreting,good bag of rabbits too
  15. basilhunter

    Hello,new Here.

    Thank you for the welcomes,it is a really good site,enjoying it alot