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  1. 07710479801 can you send me some pictures of lamping setup please pal and where abouts are you .
  2. Looking for a mount for a lamp to put of roof of my truck pm with details atb dd .
  3. Old peips box has never let me down when it comes to depth,but when searching I ignore the direction arrows there not up to much just go off the noise to pinpoint .atb dd
  4. Hi got a night site viper only used it handfull of times like new all in carry box with instructions. Cheers .
  5. I have a night sight viper in mind condition in box everything like new would swap for Mark 3 locator and 2 collars as the sight cost me £500 cheers .dd
  6. Looking for a 15ft collar for knocker box cash waiting drop me a pm cheers .
  7. Had my fac a few years now and got a 223 and 1.7 hmr so i was happy but had an empty slot for a 22 lr . My freind rang telling me he had a very tidy second hand mauser in the shop cheap !! So I bought it ,not sure on model just wondering if any body had one and their experience with them good or bad cheers . DD .
  8. I dropped one a 98 yards with hmr stopped him in his stride , as long as you know your limits and the guns limits its a great foxing round .
  9. Any one got a bellman and flint pieps collar to sell if so pm me cheers money waiting.
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