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  1. Im selling up 4 year old bitch collie bull greyhound £200 any trial day or night
  2. some nice looking pups there mate hope they do well for you
  3. Has bird still got that lump of a dog no pictures of him for a while
  4. 14 new fox nets = £50.00 2 terrier collars with cap £25 each good working order 2 terrier collars with out caps £15 each west midland just off m6 12 . 11 .10
  5. Hens are 5 / 6lb cock cock birds 7/ 9 lbs
  6. earth n hounds was a good bloke why as he gone banned or left
  7. Iv a lurcher bitch works days with ferrets and lamps 110 % £1500 with a trial
  8. 75 yards of fast net system in a100 yard basket and around 30 purse nets and a gate net 2 ferret carry boxes one bow back single and other is a double but not bow back £150 ono West mids area pm for more information
  9. if anyone is selling one please message me thanks
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