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  1. The reason I ask is I'm a slaughter man, and have been saving these with the intention of having a go however have come to my senses and realised I don't have the time or equipment necessary to make a decent job. So I've got these (and some more somewhere :s) I'm planning on selling on, testing the water for value and interest.
  2. Hi folks. How much should I be looking to pay for something like this for stick making? Already hollow and clean? Thanks in advance
  3. Same here . Half a dozen of us went in the February a few years backSnow that deep even the 4x4s wouldn't get up the drive. We have been a few times it's a good laugh shoot some clays put some targets up there's even trout in the pools But there is not a rabbit,pigeon,squirral or fox for about 30 mile of the place It would be the same abarrett....we were in the same truck lol
  4. "In England & Wales using a firearm near a highway is not prohibited but it is an offence without lawful authority or reasonable excuse to discharge any firearm within fifty feet of the centre of a highway/carriageway IF in consequence a user of the carriageway is injured, interrupted or endangered" - so basically you can but your in trouble if something goes wrong.... Because that's not the case with everything in life...
  5. The last time I went to luck yard farm there was 2 feet of snow and we had to carry all our bags and stuff up the hill to the farm! It was an experience that's for sure!
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. Think I may have to invest in a handful purely for the traps that are getting blocked time after time. I've tried everything else. Setting them heavy, setting them light, tweaking them but it's the same moles every time
  7. Been having a lot of issues lately on a farm with moles filling my traps. I'm running around 100 duffus and have never had a problem before. The soil here is very sandy and pebbly and it's only a few moles doing it. Are the Talpex as good as I've heard for these trap blocking buggers? Really considering getting a few for the problem causers.
  8. Haha saw this the other week and had a chuckle! Few old rusty scissors on there as "antique"
  9. Hi all, New to ratting, got one jack russel cross and a chainsaw smoker. Firstly what is the best pipe to use to run off the exhaust as i keep melting the ones ive tried and secondly do you rev the engine at all or just pipe in and leave it ticking over? Had a small handfull of rats so far obviously no massive numbers due to us being a team of two. Cheers folks
  10. Breathtaking pictures, Just entering into the ratting world myself with my Jack russel cross corgi(suspected due to wopping great ears!)
  11. Never had an issue with recoil on either Hawke or Nikko. I've used a hawke for the last year on my .223 and my farther used a cheap £40 nikko on his .308 whilst looking for a decent scope. Didnt lose zero at any point All the best
  12. Hi all, As said i am at my its end I have a budget of around £700 and shoot foxes under the lamp at 200 yrds and less with a cz brno .223. Having done alot of searching, the main answer seems to be a s&b 8x56. However ive also been advised that for the same sort of money i could pick up a second hand schmidt (30mm tube) i could pick up a reasonable leupold of possibly for a tad more a Zeiss Duralyt. To make matters worse i really like the look of the Schmidt 2,5-10x56 30mm granted it means putting a little more money in as finding one of these secend hand seems thus far, impossible. I a
  13. Eh? They wanted the mole clearing but were upset at seeing it in the trap? Was it makign a noise or soemthing? Never heard a mole make a noise before so I don't know if they are vocal or not. The dig is almost on par with ferreting depths. Was it the mole or the rip taking farmer you flick and blugeoned with the shovel? :D Trap went off as i was checking the previous days work, obviously pulled out a live and rather large mole. I was extremely suprised at just how vocal they are! Alot of squeeking and teeth baring.
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