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  1. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    I thought exactly the same mate. Normally the colder months there is a higher risk, but I think like any animal, the over heating had an effect on her hydration and over worked her body in that sense. She is free lofted with an indoor brick house, with a hatch that allows her to pass in or out. A setup she is very used to. It was the one thing that was puzzling me because there was somewhere she could go that would be cooler of a night. I will never know. I feed her every night before I get my head down when she is fully awake. I fed her the Thursday night. I left it to him for the Friday and Saturday. I got back Sunday so Id be able to feed her myself. When I got back, she was barely conscious.
  2. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    I can see why a few of you dont understand why I left water or food. The bottem line being, my cousin is around my house 3-4 times a week. always got the owl on the fist. He held her more than me. She was my Mrs bird really. So when I asked him to feed her it didnt for one tiny second, cross my mind that he wouldnt do it. Simple as that. Also owls dont really drink like other animals. As stated by someone already on this post, they get moisture from their food. They dont really drink water. A real harsh lesson has been learnt. Another thing, my cousin isnt exactly young, hes definitely old enough to klnow better. Hes a 32 year old father of 3.
  3. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    My exact words to him.
  4. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    I think ill be following in your footsteps Scotty. Not worth the grief when things go tits up!
  5. Where are you Mollski? send me a PM hopefully we could sort sommat out!
  6. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    This is another thing that is grinding my gears. It took a text or phone call. if for some reason he couldnt come around, or changed his mind, the he could have text and I had a chance of asking someone. instead I was oblivious thinking she was being looked after!
  7. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    and he needs telling... Hes been told mate. And a lot more. Still very tempted to give him a slap but the voice of reason (The Mrs) keeps saying it will only make things a lot worse. At the moment I couldnt care less!!!
  8. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    Because he only had room for the one bird. My cousin has a little bit experience with my owl as well and he lives about 3 streets away and drives, so I wasnt expecting nothing than to come home to a healthy owl. The job was a doddle. Let himself in, food out of the fridge, feed the bird. He was just too lazy and selfish in the end to get up off his hole and do the 30 second trip.
  9. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    It's not his dogs fault mate, it's him that deserves the slap... Too right mate.!
  10. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    Harsh lesson learnt. I will especially going out of my way to make sure the job agreed, is being done!
  11. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    It knocked me sick to be honest. Ive never used her for flying or anything cos Barnys are a doddle and more of a house thing. The Mrs was very close to her and reared her from a ball of fluff. Luckily a friend looked after my dog and other bird! I text him as soon as she died with a picture of her dead on the kitchen side and said he wants to hope I calm down because I am on the verge of kicking his back gate off and putting one in his dogs head!
  12. barnesyboy86

    Be Careful Who You Trust

    Came home from a weekend away in Wales with the Mrs and my little girl. Before I left I asked my cousin to pop in Friday and Saturday to feed our Barn Owl. Sadly he didnt bother. We got home today and I went to check her asap to see everything was fine. I found her on the floor in her mews struggling to stand up. She looked too late for the vet so I got her on the kitchen side and got out 2 syringes. One for water and the other I used to try and feed her blitzed chicken from the blender. It was too late though, she couldnt swallow a thing and soon died. You can imagine how I felt. I partly blame myself because I should have double checked hed been round but you expect a family members word to be gospel. Obviously not so. So be careful who you trust. Im livid! The weather has been baking hot so she basically got cooked and starved to death. Thats the bit that makes me very very angry. We can all deal with old age but pure laziness is a real bitter pill to swallow!
  13. barnesyboy86

    Hello From West Midlands

    How's the hunting in dudley mate?
  14. barnesyboy86

    Fav Old Comedys

    You've pretty much nailed all of mine lol Ronnie Barkers stuff is top drawer. An you can never beat a bit of "HAROLD" Steptoe was brilliant!