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  1. I know that nobody likes a big head but if anyone wants any help or advice making cider, then I maybe able to help. This year has been a disasterous one for apples but last year we made just over 3000 litres of cider. This is only our second year making it commercially but unfortunately, we were only able to make a fraction of the amount that we made in year one. Still, there's always next year.
  2. No, thats not the guy I'm thinking of. This one was and still is pretty tall with a tash but I'm sure that he was at Weston at around that time. I'll ask him next time that I see him.
  3. The gamekeeper called Steve was possibly Steve Potter. Does that ring a bell with you?
  4. Last Christmas, my daughter bought me set of nine Jack Hargreaves 'Out of Town' DVDs. I've just seen on another forum, that just in time for Chrimbo there's going to be a release of a ten DVD box set with some previously unseen programmes. I want to know if this new box set contain the programmes that I already have with a few new ones thrown in, or will they all be new previously unreleased ones? Does anyone know? Here's the new box set. http://www.outoftown-dvd.co.uk/?gclid=CI7m2KKahrQCFYXLtAodUS4Avg
  5. I keep Birmingham rollers, its a shame that you're packing in with them. They're great little birds to keep.
  6. Yesterday afternoon I had a phone call from my local pub to stay that they were doing a clear out of the cellar and that they had some stuff that I could have. I'm now a fox mask, a set of bulls horns and a box of wine glasses better off. The fox head is a good one and even though its seen better days its definately a few cuts above 'Sooty' standard. Although the bulls horn are quite petite, I couldn't bring myself to say no to them. My OH was more than happy to say yes to some extra wine glasses and that, is because the dog keeps on knocking ours off the table. I'm now enjoying the warm smug feeling of having got something for nothing. You know what wineglasses look like, so here are the photos of my other aquisitions. What do you think of the fox mask? Unfortunately, I've been unable to locate any makers marks or labels.
  7. I've used Phostoxin with mixed results. You obviously need to get it down in the deepest runs that you can find and never in the surface runs. If you use it in light sandy soil, then you truly are wasting your money. You need to fill the complete complex with gas, so aim to get your pellets down at either end of of each patch of mole hills so that you bracket the critter and if you're feeling generous, put one in the middle too. I realise that I'm probably teaching my grandmother how to suck eggs here, but never use the pellets in wet weather or near any buildings. The gas is lethal, thats why you buy it. I believe that it was one of the gasses that they used in the trenches during the Great War. The vile stink that it gives off is added to it, in order to warn users that its about. Having said that, trapping is much more fun but I must say that I personally found phostoxin useful in gardens when a long journey was involved to the job as it saved having to go back to retrieve traps. Time and petrol are money.
  8. Here are a few siskin pictures for you to look at. A siskin cock. One of our two robins. A siskin hen and a greenfinch. A pied wagtail. a blue tit. " Don't look now, but there's someone watching us"
  9. Hello all. I'm looking forward to getting involved with the forum and dropping the odd pearl drop of wisdom, thats always supposing that I can find some of course. My era was the 70's and 's and although I've still been hunting and fishing, I really have been off the scene.( Not in prison I hasten to add) Infact, I've been off it so long, that I haven't a clue as to what or where it is. These days my main activities tend to be centred around lamping with a shotgun, air rifles and sea fishing. As long as you're happy to putting up with an old codger, then I'm hoping that in the future, I'll be able to make some useful contributions and generally join in. Yours in Sport M in B
  10. I keep a diary and if things go as they usualy do, then the siskins will come to our garden in January. I've checked for last year and they were quite late last year and the first one didn't visit us until the twenty seventh of the month. Once they're with us, they stay for the rest of the winter, right through until late summer and we can have twenty to thirty birds visiting at a time. Here are a few photos of Siskins feeding on niger seed on our feeders. A siskin cock. One of our two robins. A siskin hen and a greenfinch. and here's a picture that I was dead chuffed to get. I call it my three in one. I kept a pair of ABRC siskins in an aviary for a number of years and they are super birds to keep but since we started to feed niger seeds all year round, we are lucky and we don't have to have them enclosed. Our aviary now has Fife canaries instead.
  11. The one thing that you need for any breed of duck is plenty of space. We have a few acres here and inspite of this, with the weather we're having, our ducks have turned the ground into a quagmire. Ducks are brilliant creatures to keep but for them and yourself to be happy they do need that space.
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