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  1. hi guys first time posting in this forum , i have been given my grandfathers old boat rod its older than me so its 40 plus years old , i have a couple of question 1 , for sentimental reasons would it be worth getting it reconditioned ,new eyes and an all over service 2, can anyone recommend anywhere in scotland to do the work ,
  2. wouldnt be too bad if as the guns are licensed we could up the power ,, but were stuck with the bullshit as only law abiding folks have applied for the licence so their thousands of non licensed guns out their
  3. think its after the hole air guns licence shit hes kinda given up on the airguns ,, alot of shops have up here
  4. View Advert simmons white tail classic selling a white tail classic 3.5-10 x50 its in great condition and crystal clear , its a philippines made scope so one of the good ones only problem is i have lost the box Advertiser webster Date 02/12/18 Price £85.00 Category Scopes and Optics  
  5. View Advert hw80 .177 .. cs800 selling my hw80 ,the gun comes with its original .22 barrel ( its strait but needs a re-blue ) gun was fitted with a v-mach kit shooting at 11.6 when fitted , the stock is a cs800 walnut thumbhole item , the gun was used for hft hence the .177 barrel and has a rowan extra setback trigger , bad bits are the stock screws and a bit scratched and the action has a mark on it ( pictured ) feel free to ast question ,the pics do most of the talking im up in scotland but happy to post Adve
  6. it was H&N field target trophy greens , in both calibers ,, and the dealer wasnt up for speaking much about it
  7. has anyone had any luck with lead free pellets my local dealer is only stocking lead free stuff now not sure why but thats what im looking at ,, i bought a couple of trial tins they dont seem too bad , Im finding the group not bad but the targets i set my range points with are 12mm ply and the .22s just drill threw and hardly deform the .177s fly threw anything they hit ,shot a bunny with my hw77 in .177 killed the bunny i aimed at and wounded the bugger that was behind it ( not a fan of a 35yard sprint ), i have always used aa fields in my hws but i had to order my last tin online and a third
  8. cheers did up my hw35 last year and the home blue kit doesnt look too bad , but was thinking about going for a professional job this time , .. main plan for now is get it shooting nice and then see if i like hw77s in .177 as i have had plenty in .22 but this is my first in the smaller caliber
  9. hi guy i finally managed to get my mate to sell me his hw77k action in .177 , ( he bought a .22 cation 3 years ago and transplanted everything across ) this is great as im starting to get in hft in a big way , im going to be transplanting my hw77 .22 internals over ( 25mm piston) and starting it as a bit of a project ,, problems are its been sat in his garage for a while so not in the best nick where can i get it re-blued and what service kits are going about nowadays , i have used a few different types in the past with varied success some utter crap and some spot on but bloody expensiv
  10. never its a stunning bit of glass ,, wish i could find a 40mm for my hw77k
  11. just a quick note too all , i bought my hw80k from sandwell field sports 8 years ago and she has been a gem , out most weekends and god knows how many pellets have been threw her , was out last weekend with a mate clearing some pigeons on his shoot and he commented on how loud my gun was , i have never noticed and in the last 8 years i have never needed to do anything to her but after a bit of exploration tonight it turns out the piston seal has had it and the loud action turned out to be the piston seal letting air past its sides and the piston body was slamming into the front of the action ,
  12. not being nasty folks but no one gave a toss about the scottish air gun scheme being implemented , their was a heap of us making alot of noise up here but the noises we got back from south of the border were " oh they will never try that here " well its coming your way next guys and unless we ALL get together as one and do something their wont be any one coming up into the sport and it will be soooo difficult to get an airgun that folks wont bother ,, its easyer to get a frickin shot gun licence up here than it is to get an airgun one ,,, fingers out guys signing an on li
  13. the kit in the ,177 hw80 smoothed it out but the kit I'm my hw80 in .22 is awesome just seems to work better in the .22 ,, tell me more i have a hw77 rifle in .22 and that was going to be my next question on, up here in scotland the .22 class is spring and pcp banded together ,
  14. cheers guys ,, the rifle aint exactly stock sfs kit in it and wearing a cs800 stock will give it a go and see how i do
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