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  1. I've only had 2 sheep killers. And both dogs I could walk threw sheep during the day or night. But once they had a run on Somthing and missed it and if there was a sheep about that got it
  2. sound good what's the breeding of the cousing dog if you don't mind me asking.
  3. He breeds dogs and makes up pedigrees to what they are. He's caught a few lads out on here.dotty was had by him so watch yourself.
  4. A good well bred half x bull bitch over a well bred coursing dog you can't go wrong.
  5. He's a peddling c**t that breeds rubbish.
  6. why go to the hassle to get stuff sent over [BANNED TEXT] there's better stuff over here.
  7. so the man that can only lamp can not have an alrounder I wonder why you would say something like that.stop trying to please everyone jd you lamped plenty and it never hurt the sale of your book scooby.some of us are onto you........your a fake.
  8. Any lurcher its all in the raising and training ......... bull shit.unless there's a bit of bull in there it wont be an alrounder
  9. I used to like you carl.now I just think your a peddling c**t.
  10. Not doubting your craftman ship gaff. But any chance of doing me some leather bondage stuff I pm pics of the stuff I would like done if that's ok.
  11. It's not me gaff it's that Davina he's a proper wee deva.
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