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  1. shep123

    Perch From Weekend

    3.5 lb caught on the fly
  2. shep123

    1/4 Ounce Off Of 9Lb

    thanks neil i was struggling to respond with the noose around my neck i had it oak smoked [hot] locally to me so in theory it was cooked in this process but then i grilled it in steaks. Some were the size of the top of a pint glass . like i said the way it was caught was interesting i wasnt fishing for eels but accidents happen and like you said i gave it justice i couldnt just leave it put it like this eel is not on the top of my request when eating out so.ps my dog in the profile picks dont like eels i just set her on the pike
  3. shep123

    1/4 Ounce Off Of 9Lb

    i wondered why my balls had dropped to me ankles since eating it. All that mercury i guess lol.starting to wish i didnt share the pic now
  4. shep123

    1/4 Ounce Off Of 9Lb

    Im in to conservation as well guys but unfortunately my old terrier has got a knack of killing eels faster than i can say no with one bite ,as soon as i say im in which i try not to when he,s around he starts screaming pacing up and down the bank and whether its eel a fish or what ever hes straight in to it so with out wasting it thats why it was hot smoked and consumed.
  5. shep123

    1/4 Ounce Off Of 9Lb

    thats exactly what i done taz i had it smoked locally then me and me family eat it .
  6. caught on a roach pattern fly that had hit bottom whilst chatting fishing for big perch
  7. shep123

    Dogs Stolen.

    dont give in on finding them gin put pictures out feelers out every possible thing you can think of we had 3 pinched by travellers as u will see by my threads and we got them all back two in two weeks then the third some days after and that was by general public spotting them on sites miles from me so dont give in and good luck if id live closer i would be on the hunt with u gutted
  8. shep123

    Which Make Of Pellets?

    iv always used eiley wasps number twos as they are slightly bigger 5.6mm i feel like they fit the barrel more snug
  9. shep123

    Training Hog Dogs

    i absoluteiy love that black dog wish we could do that over here
  10. shep123

    "digging Bitches"

    good dogs would have come from good bitches hopefully is that not how it works all equal as far as im concerned
  11. shep123

    pure greyhounds

    How old was your ex track bitch when you got her? How bad do you find her stamina in comparison to an average lurchers? 2 and half kranky and no where near half the stamina
  12. shep123

    First Attempt Of Pics Of The New Pups

    ref maybe not the best choice jimbob this is a brilliant cross of dog iv had them 26 tts fully grown and would do every thing asked with ease atb shep 123
  13. shep123

    Hi There

    welcom what area you from
  14. shep123

    Isle Of Man

    cheers crazy sounds worth doin then cheers mucker
  15. shep123

    Isle Of Man

    what no one knows nothing